• Well were finally home from Dixon. Chance is sleeping…ahhh how nice it is to have some relaxation time :o
    Saturday Chance got 2nd place and Reserve. 😃 Donna his handler got him to do it!
    Sunday...well that was another story...:rolleyes: Not so good. Chance decided it was much more intertaining to try to play with the other boys in the ring. When it was his turn, he dug his hind feet in the ground and would leap and choke himself. Totally embarassing! The judge sure was not impressed :eek: Donna had to take him out of the rink before he would of been asked to leave.
    As of now...well it was our first show and I am happy with 2nd place but we are now going to check out some obedience and confirmation classes 🙂
    Thank you Pat, Lisa, Ann and everyone else who was at the show. We really had a great time despite the hot/windy days up in Dixon. Were looking forward to another show.

  • Congrats to you both…...Go Chance!:)

  • It was great to see you and Chance… and silly baby puppies can be a "pain" sometimes in the ring.. we have all been there done that...gggg

  • YAY Chance!! Sounds like little Chance had a good time despite the judge's opinions :p And in the end isn't that all that matters 😃 😃

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