Mody?s very first show

I would like to share with our today success. Mody has been to her very first show ever and did really great job. She was Very promising 1 and judge was really spellbound by her. Then we continued in Honour Ring where Mody gained Res. Best Baby Bitch in Show….really unvelievable for the first show... am so proud of my little girl


Congratulations!! Keep it going little Mody

Wooooooooohooooooooh!! Congrats!!! Told you so 😉 :p 😃 😃

Thanks. I was very suprised by Mody, she was like she was born for the ring, very obedient and eye- catching an elegant… little star:D

That's fantastic news, well done:D

Congrats Petra!!!!!!!!

Very very good and mody is sooo beautiful… 😃

I add a pic I have made from one quite good stack pic (but originally with very bad background):)))))


Sounds like Mody had an excellent first experience. Congratulations!

Thank you, yes she has the best experience I can imagine for the first show!!!;)

Many congratulations, that was a great result.

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