The girls first AKC Show

Sunday the girls turned 6 months and showed at a small show close to home. They both looked lovely and Gambit took WB and BOB over a male special for her show debut. Babys first point, we are so happy with them both.

Congrats, they look great!!

Congrats with these beautifull results!!!

Congratulations! They both look great!


Congratulations again Lisa..I love them both..lovely little sisters.

What a great start to G's show career.

i always enjoyed outdoor shows. sadly, it seems there are fewer and fewer of them

Yes even though it was upper 90s with the humidity, I prefer outdoor too. Most of the rest of ours will be indoors.

Very nice…I look forward to seeing you ring side.

Lovely girls, lovely results - congratulations!

Big Congratulations Lisa!!


Congratulations! They are both gorgeous.

Beautiful pups Lisa wishing you continued success.

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