First show of the season…

I am so excited, we are going for our first show in this season. Mody will enter Junior class and I hope judge will see what I can see - how much she has matured since her last show.
And another (not so pleasant ) event is waiting for us. On monday Mody is gonna be x-rayed for her HD results and I am gonna repair her hernia….:(
I don?t like to see my own dogs in anesthesia......


Petra and Mody, good luck at the lots of pictures..please.

Keeping my fingers crossed her surgery will be a snap and uneventful..

Good luck with the show, when is it Petra?
Hope Mody's op goes well on Monday

Good luck at the show…. and hope all goes well on Monday...

Good luck for the show and for Mody's op.

Thank you for you wishisngs, it is Int Dog Show in trencin, Slovakia.
I will try to post some pics of course.

Good luck for the show and of course also for monday.

Soooo, our results from the show: CAJC, Junior Class Winner + bonus - Best In Show Junior!

Wooohooooooooooo!!! Way to go!! Congrats 😃

Wow what a huge rosette:eek: great pics:D

Hahah, yes Mody is little girl with big wins, so the rossettes and cups are usually bigger than she is 🙂

She is lovely, congrats


Awesome Petra and Mody..she is looking lovely..congrats.

Thank you guys, our next show on the first weekend of February will be pretty harder match! There is more than 20 basenjis entered and from this number 8 in Mody?s class every day ( it is double show)!

Congrats and good luck on next show (although I am sure she will be successful again 😃 )!

Hi! How it went in Brno? 🙂

Mody got excellent 4th /8 junior bitches on Saturday and excellent 2nd/7 junior bitches on Sunday. Pity. But she behaved and looked very well ( so she deserved maybe better place on Saturday)….but we spent nice weekend, we enjoyed it:)
Here is one pic.....I hope to get more soon.

Congrats on the good results! Mody looks lovely!

Congrats! 😉 Many bitches in there :eek:

I'm looking forward to the photos 🙂 Hope, that Katrin with Peony and Dojo took some more, too :rolleyes:
But it's always difficult to take pics by your own while showing…

Can I see the whole result somewhere?

Congrats on the results:D

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