• hello everyone. Next weekend is Ayo,s first ever show!. It's a four day international show here in santo Domingo, with dogs coming fromU.S. , Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central and South America. I am not sure how big a show it is because I have never been, but it's the biggest one here and the most important! We have been practicing but only been training for a week! I have been getting really good help from people here and everyone loves Ayo! There aren't that many Basenjis here. In fact, unless there are some international basenjis coming that I do not yet know about it's only Ayo and a tricolor girl called Aida, who I saw last month in another ,smaller show here. I am participating in the junior class since Ayo is 9 months old! I am a little nervous but I think it will be fun. So far I will be handling him, but a friend of mine who is a professional handler will train with us tomorrow and if he does well with her she might do it for me. He,s learning well with me but I am not such a quick learner!:):) will post pictures when its over!!!

  • Good for you for jumping in there and working towards your first show. I am sure Ayo will do his very best for you or the professional handler. Wishing you the best outcome possible!

  • Good luck with your first show. Don't forget she is only a baby, enjoy yourselves!

  • Houston

    Sending you good luck vibes and wishes..Take lots of pictures for us to see..

  • Thanks a lot! iknow he is learning fast and I am doing mmy best, just going to have a good time! Will take lots of pictures

  • Do you get a judging program in the mail or is it available online? In the US at least, you know how many are entered that way.

  • The best of luck to you and Ayo for next weekend.

  • Thanks, no there is not a lot online, only an announcement of the show with the dates on the Dominican canine federation site.But I will try to get some more info at practice tonight!

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