• The event was already a few weeks ago but I have added a report from the 2010 EBC Annual Specialty in Washington State. This is a major event sponsored by the Evergreen Basenji Club.

    Shaun is our first Basenji and our first "show quality" dog. He is also only seven months old.

    We had been taking him to puppy rehearsal classes and he seemed to be getting the hang of it. But we had no idea how well he would do.

    He did not win anything with his Friday event or Saturday event. On the Sunday (the Basenji class of the Hound show) he did place First in his round before being knocked out in the later round. Both of his trainers MaryK and Katie seemed pleased. I guess some dogs just rocket into stardom. MaryK said she prefers her puppies to be puppies first.

    We have no idea where we go from here. But thats totally OK with us. Dog Show results seem like a rewarding notion for humans but I think Shaun prefers hanging out and getting dirty with his friends.

    Here is the blog post for those who are interested:

  • Great report! Love the pics + comments on your website! 😃 Shaun is very handsome!!

  • Thanks!

    Your site and photos are excellent…

  • Shaun is beautiful. I am sure he will do very well as he matures. I saw some other pics of him on FB at the specialty, and I was struck by his lovely head.

  • I bet you are referring to this great album of photos from the EBC: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=74551&id=1289259745

    That's Shaun near the bottom with the closeup of his head and MaryK's hands…

  • Yup…that's the one. At first I didn't know who that was, but I would have bet money that it was one of MK's pups based on the face. He looks a lot like our Hippo..who I think is like Shaun's uncle, or something. Hippo's dad is Max, who is a half bro to Shaun thru Spree..I think...

  • LOL, someday we will all have to create a family tree diagram to see how far this line spreads…

  • I am so sorry I didn't meet you when you were there.
    The b is lovely.

  • Lovely boy, I like your blog, I must set one up for my lot!

    Thank you for posting the link for the show, it's great to see the overseas basenji's going through their paces.

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