• I have been a dog person my entire life. My parents have always had dogs. My mother has gone through many breeds in my time. About 14 yrs ago she got a basenji, I cannot even remember his name, but I do remember he did not stay long. Didn't really think about them as a breed much after that as I am generally a herding dog person. I have shown for many years off and on and done Obedience/ Confirmation/ Herding some. So smart and loyal was very importnat to me. I am the mother of 4 children and been married for 15 yrs. So as you can imagine I need my time to myself and have a bit of fun.
    It became hard to show dogs when my children were young cause I was always busy being mom/wife. And in the early stages of my marriage my husband did not understand why I wanted to spend so much time away at dog shows. So when my pet sheltie got old and became ill, I had to send him acoss the bridge.
    Well, about 4 years ago I decided my children were older and I could get back into the dog world and start living for me again. I went out and got myself a German shepherd, not realizing how difficult the GSD show ring was. But I was back and wasn't going to give up. Having knee surgery makes it hard to show this breed, so my daughter shows the dogs for me. Not really what I had in mind when I started this again. But I was having fun again.
    Anyway I am rambling, (SORRY) My daughter and I were at a local show with the shepherds and across the room I saw a very regal looking fellow and went over to talk to whom I thought was his mommy. A tri colored Basenji w/ his handler Erin Roberts. I had no idea whom I was talking to and she let me know right away they are not the dog for everyone. Told me a bit about them and then went off to show. I thought well maybe not.
    About a year later I had started a new job and as I was making new friends I met a very nice lady that just happened to have two litters of puppies, I asked what kind and she said Basenji's. I was like wow, do you have any that are tri colored. Thinking maybe she had one that I could show. She knew I showed dogs and said she would bring her two best females over to my home and I could choose. Well she showed up w/ two of the cutest puppies I have ever seen. I could not choose so I took both.
    Immediatly they stole my heart with the antics and comical behavior. These are my two girls "Chili" and "Pepper" better know as a pair of "chilipeppers". I know really stupid but they both come to it. I have shown both and have points on both of them AKC and UKC. Well I was hooked and my friend knew it. So last year when she had pups again she smoothed me again and two more came to be residence. Pumba red/wht boy and Ivy red/wht girl.
    My friend says they are like potato chips you cannot have just one.. I think she is right. I am hooked so I then started searching for a really nice show puppy, but I knew what I wanted more than anything. A male Black/white. I searched until I found a breeder that would part with one and to my suprise I did about three mo ago I became the proud mommy of "Cody" a beautiful boy black/white who is just the charmer I knew he would be. The first show out last month he took his first point over the open dogs and a major reserve, best puppy and a grp2.
    As I said before normally a herding breed person I am amazed as to how much I love this breed. So not anything like a herding breed, but they love to have me as the leader of the pack and are so much easier to handle than a shepherd. I can have them all around me and not have the amount of hair and SMELL that I get with the shepherds. I love that. I still have my shepherds and love them dearly but I think I have become a Senji MOM FOREVER…....
    That is my story. 😉

  • great story. Sounds like you have a pack. post lots of pics!

  • What a great story!!

  • What a great story…looking forward to more....and pictures too, of course!

  • I like it too! People who have never owned a basenji just don't get it!


  • WE MUST SEE PICS, pleeeeeease!!!:D

  • grins sounds like me…I have a Collie and two Basenjis...and one day I want a Belgian 🙂 But I will always have Basenjis in my house...they are my heart breed! I love your story...can't wait to see pics!

  • @Catchme:

    Great story Catchme! How cool, and I can understand being a B mom for life. They are very addicting. (I added the brackets [ in front of the 2 IMG codes here). You have two beautiful B's! I'm guessing Cody is the blk/wht - what is the tri's name?

  • Great pictures! They are beautiful!

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