• Back in May, I started a thread, I saw another basenji. If you recall I was so excited because while I was driving I saw a woman walking a basenji into a vet office. Of course, I screamed to her and was so thrilled!
    The other day, while my husband was wallking Lillie he saw a basenji. He couldn't see him close up because it was a late night walk. Well, today while driving to Kohl's I spotted this basenji. I quickly made a "U turn" and stopped my car. The woman explained that her friends were on vacation in Brazil and she was dog sitting. The dog was from upstate NY. I couldn't get too close to him because he was scared. He was 14 years old, red & white and his face was white from age. His tail went straight although I could tell that it probably curled. Unfortunately, he was attacked in the woods by his house and something bit it (she wasn't sure) so the top of his neck was shaved.
    Funny, he looked and reminded me of a little old man. He walked slow, his legs were a little shaky and his head was somewhat down. Anyway, I was so excited to finally come close to close with another basenji that I just had to share this!

  • How great to see another B…Poor little fellow...I have yet to see another B except for mixes...

  • I saw an old man walking a B pup outside the emergency vet. I shouted "Is that a basenji?" and he gave me tha startled look of a guy with "he knows what a basenji looks like?" thought in his head. Then he saw goober and gave me a knowing smile.

  • I have seen 4 other basenjis and several mixes… WHERE are they all?

  • We do the same thing. In fact last night my husband thought he saw someone walking their basenji up our street. I ran outside and it was an Italian Greyhound. We get a lot of people who stop us when we're out. Some have never seen one up front and personal. A lot of them don't know what they are but just that they are the prettiest dog they have ever seen.

    My favorite story was when two women were walking down the street and one asked the other what kind of dog was that and she flatly stated, "That's a Jack Daniels." She caught herself and started laughing. I said that was the first time they've ever been called that. It was funny.

  • @jenwilson:

    I have seen 4 other basenjis and several mixes… WHERE are they all?

    I think people just don't take them out to walk because it's no fun with all the TUGGING & PULLING!!! :eek: LOL!

    Except for two dog shows, I haven't seen a single basenji or mix. I do get to see some really great pictures here and on other B websites.

  • We actually saw one at the dog park this past weekend. We were so excited. It was a little tri puppy. Very very cute! The owner asked if all were such escape artists. The couple seemed very nice and the puppy was adorable.

  • I never see other Basenjis in my area, although I have heard that there is 1 other B, my vet sees it now and then. Whenever I take Sahara out we always get ppl asking about her, and we have even had a circle of ppl around us before. It is great b/c ppl are not aware of the breed and when I say she is barkless they say, "Sure they are", and when I tell them it's for real they are blown away, saying, "I didn't know there was such a breed"! Of course when I am done talking they are well educated about Basenjis, and I just love bragging on my girl Sahara!!!!

  • This is all too funny!:)
    When we got Metinga (our 1st 😎 5yrs ago, we used to get stopped quite a lot with ppl asking "what kind of dog is she, she's very pretty". One day I had a man at the dog park ask me "is she a Dingo", I said no close relative though.
    Now a days I have found more ppl recognize the breed here in Calgary. They still ask but more now say "what beautiful Basenjis".

    As far as other Bs go, I have met a few more ppl w/Bs here in Calgary. Helix and Metinga had there first try at lure coursing a month ago. We met a lady that had 2 female Bs and they live 5min away from us,….who'd a thought!:eek: Apparently there are others that attend practice but were not out that day. One Sunday I went to our annual Dog Jog for the Humane Society and this couple came running up to me and said "we saw your 2 Bs and just had to come meet you!" They have a 3yr old, red/white male (who is a lot smaller than Helix). There has actually been quite a few Bs that we have seen and met out at the dog park we go to. One couple we met bought a 4mth old, red/white female from Petland Pet Store. I was both surprised and horrified all at the same time. They told me a local breeder was selling them to Petland!:mad: Another couple that we see out there has a little black/white female about 6-7mths old. A few years back before we got Helix, we met a lady out there that had an older female, red/white. Her B- Rosie, has since died. Had also seen a big male brindle, but have never seen him since.

    All in all though, the number of Bs in Calgary is still quite low- about 6-12 or so.

    Rhonda- Helix and Metang's mom:)

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