• … and it wasn't a good sighting for me and my dh. 😞

    We were at a light (intersection) where a highway crosses a medium-busy street. Near the highway is a grassy area where we always see bunnies. But today we saw a dog (border collie/basenji?) running around like crazy chasing the bunnies near the culvert at the highway. There are few houses around there, so I have no idea where the dog came from, but maybe it somehow maked its way to the bunny area using the culvert to get to the other side of the highway. We were 3 lanes over from the side of the road, and traffic was moving too fast for me to stop our van, get out, and try to rescue the dog. I was just shaking, because all this dog had on its mind were the bunnies. You could tell it was totally zoned out regarding the danger of the area it was in. When we got home, about 5 minutes later, I called the SPCA. We aren't allowed on cell phones on the streets.

    I've called to check on if the dog was rescued, and they said that no dog was found in the area. Oh how I hope someone in a lane closer to the culvert rescued it.

    I don't think I would normally write anyone about this. But there has been some posts regarding basenjis off leash. I'm even still shaken and having trouble composing this post, so forgive me (the english). Please, everyone, be careful with your loved basenjis and other dogs. What a horrible sight this was to see.

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