• Hello, this is my first time to this site. All the years living with a Basenji and I never found it (I guess I was too busy running after Patsy). My grief in losing Patsy (she had to be put to sleep at age 16 1/2) has had me out looking at Basenji sites. Patsy lived a long and busy life. She was born on 01/09/1991 and passed away on 07/12/2007. She was pure Basenji in every sense of the breed. She never met a tissue that didn't need to be shredded, loved to eat underwear, had to finally be clipped outside with a coated cable as she broke everything else we tried, LOVED garbage and was only defeated in that endeavor by us spending $100 for a garbage can and she loved the sun so if you happened to be in her chair (which was any chair that had sun) she would jump right on top of you and plop down but was happier if you moved. She ate through the center of the childs gate we tried to use to keep her from going down the basement stairs, she would sit in my suitcase while I would try to pack (just to make sure I didn't forget anything) and needed to be covered by her blanket at night when it was bedtime. In the course of all that mischief she made her way into our hearts and she was very loved. When we had to take her to the vet for her last visit, she had 5 people with her when she passed over the rainbow bridge. We miss her so much…the house is so quiet. Thank you for reading.

  • I am so sorry. What a loved dog, and clearly you ARE a real basenji lover. Welcome to the forum.

  • I am sorry for your loss. Perhaps one day you will have another basenji? Welcome to the forum!!

  • Thanks for your kind words. I have thought about another Basenji but I think I need to retire (not too far off) first so I have plenty of time for all the energy. Patsy was a little slower and happier to sleep a lot in her old age.

  • I'm so sorry to hear of your loss - it's never easy when our treasured friends leave. I smiled when I read about her antics and hope that your fond memories of her will comfort you. It is clear that she was truely loved.

    My deepest sympathy
    Diana & the basenjis at MIJOKR

  • So sorry for your loss-the hardest thing is coming home to an empty bed.

  • Patsy sounds like she was a delightful purebred Basenji, and was loved very much for it. I just hope I can enjoy my B, Sahara as long as you had Patsy. I hope you will oneday (when you retire) get another Basenji, they are the best and make us happy with their antics. Good Luck!

  • Kathy, I'm so sorry to read of your loss. Of course my tears are welling up in my eyes at your beautiful life with Patsy and of the treasured life you gave her. Of course you cannot replace Patsy but you can give a whole new gift to another basenji.
    Peace to Patsy and to your heart.


  • I am so sorry for your loss. What a lovely life Patsy had with you (and vice versa). Maybe joining this forum will help you through this difficult time while reading and laughing at our stories…

  • Everyone has been so kind…it has helped to ease some of the pain. I have enjoyed looking at the pictures on the site and also loved reading the stories...seems they all have a bit of a naughty streak. Patsy was our loved little girl and she was a treasure..she chose me when she arrived at our house and it stayed that way for 16 1/2 years:)

  • Thanks for sharing the great Patsy story. I just put one of mine to sleep on 5/3. He was 14-1/2. The love of tissue shreading and garbage eating is in the Basenji genes.

  • I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Patsy..I have tears in my eyes…it is obvious that she was loved and gave love...a cherished family member...that old saying "Time heals all wounds" I have found is not true but time does allow for longer periods between the grieving...God bless you...

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