• Our 6 Yr old female basenji has started biting at the air as if there are flies around her, although this is not the case. She can exhibit this behavior several times a day, lasting from a few seconds to several minutes. has anybody out there had this happen? This seems to be getting progressively more frequent.

  • @dave That’s a weird one. No, I’ve not seen this before. I wonder if she may have developed floaters is one or both eyes? Maybe onset of a cataract? I’d be inclined to take her to a doggy eye doctor to rule out any eye issues.

  • I would agree with Jengosmonkey.... check her eyesite with a board certified Ophth for dogs. At least a place to start. You might also want to video her doing this and show it to your Vet and the Eye Vet. Might help them to figure out the issue

  • I have a friend who's dog has this. Although, not a basenji, the symptoms are the same. This happens mainly in the evening. No body has been able
    to figure out what is going on with him. I would do what Jengosmonkey and tanza said. Get a certified Ophth for dogs and go from there. Sorry could
    not have been more help.

  • Sounds like this to me. I had heard of it before, so went looking for an explanation....

  • @eeeefarm That is a very interesting article. I have never come across this condition but was about to agree with Greg and Pat - could be floaters - before reading it. Now it would seem even more probable and a visit to a veterinary ophthalmologist is clearly indicated.

  • This is from my friend who's dog as "fly biting" episodes. This is what she said: "Have then pull a full thyroid panel on their pup usually a low thyroid is part of the problem as well as Fly Biting is gastrointestinal based seizures."
    If you are on Facebook, I can give you her name. Just drop me a line privately and I can give you her name. I didn't want to post it publicly. Not sure if that is allowed. She has much first hand knowledge of fly biting with her dog and can probably give you some pointers.

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