How long your Bs take to recover from bite wounds

  • Hi,
    I have been observing one of my girls for a while. She had a few bite wounds throughout her body due to the rough and tumble both of my Bs engaged in. However her wounds take a long time (roughly 2 week or more) to heal. Initially I did nothing, thinking the superficial wounds would heal pretty quickly. I kept brushing my hand over her body daily and I would still encounter the bumps. I applied medical cream over the wound to hasten the recovery process and the wounds healed a few days after I start applying the cream.

    I like to ask how long your Bs take to recover from their bite wounds

  • Mine have always recovered really quick I flush the bite wound if it´s a deeper one with saline or klorhexidine using a syringe twice a day if necessary.Sometimes i´ve put on an aloevera ointment or a special scar preventing cream when scab has been formed.

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