• I get home from work and find the shredded bits of a CD all over the floor. They pulled it off the shelf and chewed it up! The edges look very sharp and I hope to god that they didn't swallow any of the pieces. Has anyone else ever had to deal with a destroyed CD?


  • EL D likes to chew up that real hard plastic used in packaging (like for batteries or bulbs or whatever) but never CDs or DVDs - and the DVDs are at his level. Can't help you out there.

  • Mine have never destroyed CDs, they prefer books :eek: but I know there have been threads that discussed CD and DVD destruction.

    So… I tried to do a search of Basenji Forums to see if I could find that thread for you. Unfortunately, CD and DVD each come up as terms too short to search. And "destroy" - well, that yields 5 pages of threads. Go figure!:rolleyes:

    Anyway, I don't think your situation is unique. 😉

  • Phoenix has gotten DVD's before he would get them out of the plastic cover and then attack the dvd he never "ate" it Just left lots pieces all over the floor for me to come in and walk on 😞 When phoenix gets into something he usally doesnt eat it just sheds it beyond reckonistion . So hopefully that's all yours did 🙂

  • Blaze ate a CD once. We took him to the vet, she laughed, then suggested we let it take it's course unless we find blood in his stool. We decided on feeding him moistened warm food, cause he scratched his esophogus (sp?) from eating the pieces, and we ended up giving him a laxative when he had difficulties pooping. He ended up all right. My brother cried over the CD. Apparently Blaze has expensive tastes. It was a signed Nirvana unplugged CD, and he ate it after the lead singer killed himself. He has never forgiven Blaze for that…

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