Misquito bites

My boy got several bites recently while out on a walk in the neighborhood. He rams himself in any bushes he can get near hoping to scare out rabbits. I think that is where he encountered the insects. There is swelling but not really anything else. He is not even scratching them. Is this something I should be concerned about or do something about or just leave them alone. They are on his chest and hip area.

I wouldn't be overly concerned. They should go away on their own. Of course, mosquitoes can harbour disease, e.g. West Nile Virus, heartworm, etc. so you should monitor for any unusual behavior or symptoms. And check him for ticks!

I would give benedryl ... 1 every 4 hours for a day or 2. And Shirley is right, I'd suggest you get a flea comb to check for fleas and ticks.

you can put some essential oils on him when you go out for a walk - there are some brands with special anti-tick-mosquito mixes available.

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