Tick bite?

I just noticed a red small circle on kiros neck. It looks like a smooth red circle. Im thinking its a tick bite. If it is a bite the tick wasnt on there very long since we had just went outside and came back in. should i worry?

ring worm? it came up so fast…..

oh no.... 😞

I always tell folks we can give our opinion, but the vet is the one to go to if you have an area of concern re your b.
I know ticks can cause issues…and ringworm can spread to you...so...
My advice is check with your vet.
Hugs for your medical concern.

thank you….. they said that dogs dont get tick bites, well they get bit but it will not show as a red bullseye.... so they sugested ring worm.

I've had ring worm before....from another dog..... and it doesnt look like a small ring and its usually rasied...hers apears to be under the skin.

sorry im just trying to avoid a fee from the vet that i cant afford right now.... I figured i would ask everyone here first

Instead of incurring a costly vet bill could you see if there's a vet school in or near your area? I know they would be happy to help. Just a thought.

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