• Hey,

    My boy is 4 months old now, it's been hell of a ride so far, and he has just started teething (already missing front teeth). He's been enjoying some bully sticks for the past 2 weeks, but since he destroys them quite fast (depending on the thickness, 1 to 3 days), we got him some really long beef scalps which we cut to size (about 70cm / 28 inch).


    Question is, are these safe while he is teething? Been reading here and there that they may damage his growing teeth, since they are pretty hard (altough it softens when they chew it).

    Anyone had issues with these before?

  • I've never heard of this product, but anything that can be softened through 'gumming' (instead of chewing, per se) should be fine. I would think that it's just going to make the treat last longer. I don't think it would damage your pups adult teeth. It's more likely to offer some relief as they come in.

  • @lustopher My breeder introduced us to Nylabone Dental Dinosaur chew toys. Dang durable. Still my goto and my two still enjoy them.

  • @jengosmonkey
    My new basenji (and I will officially introduce him - just been so busy) uses the same thing. “My breeder sent me home w/ the Nylabone Dental Dinosaur chew toy last week.”! He loves it! C3930564-80E0-4174-A90A-5178CF44A7A3.jpeg She also gave me a nylabone dura chew (bacon flavor) shaped like a branch and 2 nylabone “bone” shaped chews.DABFFD62-680B-4C13-817A-01F84080991B.jpeg

  • I have used Best Bully Sticks for years and years, puppies and adults, but I get the jumbo size 12" ones... great for puppies and young adults, now that my two girls are 12+ I get the next size smaller in thickness, but still 12"... never had issues... The jumbo size 12" are great for baby puppies and for young adults...

  • @tanza my two are RABID for Bully sticks. Nothing creates friction faster. They don’t love them they covet and worship them. Get anywhere near them while they have one and they’ll make their displeasure very apparent, immediately. 🤪

    I have to be careful to pull the last 3” stump away. If it gets much smaller they swallow it whole and I get to see it the next day when their tummies return it to me.

    But yeah… Bully sticks are the bomb. Definitely keeps them occupied and their minds off chewing more important things in the house. 😁👍

  • @jengosmonkey - That is why I get the jumbo size, 12".... keeps them busy, I take them up when that had enough and also when they get to be too small... my girls right now do not swallow them, but my first Basenji would see me coming and know that it was in "danger" and swallow it.. I had to sneak up on her.... LOL... By the way, we put down 3 or 4 at a time, then they choose and will settle down since there are more than two... LOL... spoiled? You think?

  • I'll see if I can get the Dinosaur Nylabone around here.

    But yea, bully sticks are great, was just curious about these beef scalps things whether or not they'd be safe for teething. Seems to be made out of skin.

    Edit: They seem to be obsolete. 😞

  • @kembe said in Teething safe chew toys/treats:

    My new basenji (and I will officially introduce him - just been so busy)

    The best thing about this post are the first three words ! Kembe has a NEW Basenji !

    Nothing can replace Kembe, she knows that. But this new B will fill an empty house and indeed, keep the family very busy for a while !

    Good luck !

  • @lustopher Can you get hold of real bones ? Mine are very lucky to have a generous butcher who gives them a huge rump bone every Friday which I then saw into bits. Their teeth are always pristine. And no harm should come from gumming them either.

    MUCH better for them than anything synthetic -

  • @zande Agreed! See if you can find a source for natural raw bones? Some boutique pet stores stock frozen, and if there are butchers in your area, they'll be able to get some for you! I have seen some specialty markets stock bone for dishes like Ossobucco which would work too.
    Don't cook them, the temp increase hardens them and often makes them brittle so they break off in shards. Raw bones are soft enough for teething and onwards as they'll wear down slowly over time and they'll last just as long if not longer than your standard bully sticks and stuff 🙂


  • I can definitely get fresh beef bones. But aren't bones too hard for a 4 month old? I actually have already bought and stored some in the freezer, but was waitting for when het gets to 6-7 months.

  • @lustopher Try end pieces or lamb if you're worried, but I've never had a dog with tooth issues from raw bone regardless of age 🙂

  • @lustopher No ! they will gum them if they can't chew and it all helps with teething.

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