• Found this raincoat on sale and thought we'd give it a shot. He at least walks outside with it on, but not without the basenji attitude mumbling 😅


    Being a cat person, I'm used to my pets not liking water, and while preparing for our first basenji I read about their typical dislike of water, yet his dislike makes me chuckle everytime.

    Don't worry bud, the sunshine state didn't get its name from it raining more than not; soon you will be sun bathing once again.

    20220222_112754 (1).jpg

  • How do you keep your dog's feet that white ? Mine come back from squirrel hunts wearing Wellington Boots (of mud !) But they are usually clean again by the time we drive home although of late a little sponging down before they are allowed back indoors was in order. There is a great deal to be said for having a self-cleaning breed !

  • Great pictures!

  • Great pictures!

  • Adorable! ♥️🥰

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