• Hi i am new basenji owner can someone help me what to do pls when i leave her alone she starts howling a lot . it seams like a peso screaming . i would like some tips to calm her . i tryed long walks and dont work . i love her alot and i feel worried for her and also for the neighbours pls help me

  • Under what conditions do you leave her alone? In a crate, or loose in a room or ? For how long at a time? Many Basenjis (and other breeds too) suffer from separation anxiety. How old is your Basenji? If you got her as a pup there are ways to introduce her to being on her own. It is a gradual process.

  • Please provide more information about the situation.
    How old is the pup?
    How long have you had her?
    How long do you leave her for?
    How often do you leave her?
    Is she alone in the home or are there other pets/people?
    Is she in a crate, closed off in a bedroom, free to roam around, in the back yard?
    What kind of exercise is she getting?
    etc., etc.

  • How long do you leave her for and in what conditions ? She needs something to keep her occupied, toys, a bone, either a really large crate so she can stand, lie out full stretch or curl up, OR (better) a dog-proof room where she can do no damage but had lots of things to amuse her.

    You do need to build up to lengthy periods when she is alone very gradually so she accepts she is not abandoned and knows you are coming back very soon.

    As others have said, you need to tell us more -

  • she is 4months and a half i let her lose at home i leave her toys and also treats .

  • For how long are you leaving her? Does she keep up the screaming or just at the beginning? A video camera could help to know what she is doing. Has she been destructive, or just vocal? Really need more information to properly advise you. A radio or television left on might help.

  • radio helped a lot she is not destructive just screeming pooing not on nappy. thanks a lot

  • @keith1101

    If a basenji is left a lone for a while, put on some music......


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