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can't say for sure that b's understand everything, but I do believe it really helps them when you talk to them. I always tell my b what I'm going to do and what I expect.

So do I. Always have. maybe its just the reassuring sound of Mom's voice but 'I have to go out now, will be back very soon and its raining outside so you would hate it anyway !' seems to help.

Talking to my dogs and horses has always been my way, and they understand more than you think. Dogs especially will learn to pick out the significant words, although they also read your body language extremely well. I would argue horses read body language even better!

One thing I have practised since reading Charles Eisenmann's books is teaching my dog specifically to listen and pick out the pertinent information in my verbal ramblings, e.g. I might mention in passing that "I would kill for a red bone right now", which resulted in Perry bringing me his red bone without a "formal" request to do so....of course, if you reward the behaviour you will find your dog paying even more attention and finding the information encoded in your speech. It's a fun technique. Another example when a dog is underfoot in the kitchen "be somewhere that is not here!" or a variation on the theme. My dogs understood me very well.....and learned the meaning of many phrases that could be spoken casually and result in a response from my dog.

I totally agree! I talk to my basenji all the time - I swear she understands what I’m saying! (I’ll only need to be concerned when she starts talking back to me! ) 😝

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I might mention in passing that "I would kill for a red bone right now",

My favorite on this theme is 'you get a bickie at the bench.

Especially since my hip and then knee replacements, I welcome the chance to sit on the (very few) benches in the forest. These are all on the main walkways and because I tend to go off-piste, I have various logs and low branches I have designated 'benches' for the purposes of communication, and to ensure that, from time to time, I can be sure of their whereabouts. They wait at them for their treats.

The dogs have always received a bickie when I sit for a spell. This did not stop Hoover especially, dancing backwards in front of me long before I stopped.

Those two words have been instilled into generations of Basenjis - and now Mku !

NB, these bickies are not extra treats, they are pieces of kibble I have removed from the daily food ration and put into my bum-bag.

Sneaky but saves unnecessary weight gain !

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@pawla - Just a comment, I would not use the paper towel tube as you have noticed that they will tear/eat/chew cardboard, not really good for them and as you have seen, all cardboard is fair game. And I don't agree with the comment that 5 or 10 minutes is a "long" time to a pup... Dogs have no real concept of time.... in my 30+ years in the breed (Basenjis) if we left for 10 minutes or 8 hours, the response was the same.... excited to see us and if it was 10 minutes the greeting was the same as if for 8 hours

As mentioned above Kong is great, frozen Kong even better, it lasts longer.... I'd recommend leaving her inside the house ie go to a different room, garden, out the front, and ideally try and come back and reward her before she notices, no reward is she makes a fuss or comes looking for you. Camera would definitely help to know how bad the problem actually is.

Sorry to be so ignorant, but exactly what is Kong ?

Sally - it’s a rubber chew toy that you can fill with treats - like kibble. You can also fill it with peanut butter and freeze it.

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You can also fill it with peanut butter and freeze it.

Which is great... until you realize how many calories you've given your dog! I'm sure that's why doodle gained weight when I first got her!!

Luckily Kembe doesn’t like peanut butter - she just likes everything else! Lol

I have "Intelligence" cubes and balls which you put kibble in and the dog has to figure out how, by rolling them around, to make the kibble fall out.

But no 'extra' rations !!!

Only some kibble from the daily allowance goes into them. I am such a mean Mom but my pack stays svelte !😁

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