• Hi all..I'm an oldy around here but I haven't been on in a long time. Kids, dogs, work, etc. don't leave much time to post. But today something happened & I thought this would be a good place to share.

    I've had my Bs for about 3yrs now. With lots of advice & help from this forum I committed to training our dogs to ensure their happy & safe lives. Once we had our twins it became even more important that our Bs got enough exercise, discipline, & training. We went back to doggy school several times (I lost count after 8 :eek:)And it has really paid off in many ways like today.

    Today during our usual morning walk for both exercise & potty there was a lose dog in the nabe running a muck! To say the least. The owner was very laid back about it. Just chasing the dog block after block. I spotted him a few blocks before w/his dog lunging at everyone/everything while on leash. I don't know how he got lose but he did. I quickly got my dogs to sit (I ALWAYS carry treats w/me for situations just like this) & watch me. The silly dog was in the street barking running all over. I kept close eye on my 2 and then focused on him.

    He tried to pounce on us when I quickly turned around took a couple of steps towards him & yelled "HEY! SHHH!" The dog quickly stopped in tracks. I turned back to my dogs & gave more treats. I threw a few treats over to the strange dog until his owner could catch up to grab. Then the guy got the lecture of his life from me! 😉

    You see it's not enough to just decide to be a dog owner. It takes commitment to continue to train, exercise, & discipline your dog every single day the dog lives with you. Yes, it's hard. Don't get me wrong, most days I wonder how I can put them in a FEDEX box & send them express to nowhere. 😃 j/k But WE made the choice to have them live with us not them. I've taken countless classes & read piles of books to help understand them & improve our relationship. Some days are better then others. And after 3 yrs with our dogs I think we've come a looooong way.

    So if you're new to this B-thing 🙂 pretty please train your dog, teach your dog, discipline your dog, & exercise your dog. Listen to the advice of the veterans here, many of whom have been owners/breeders for decades. They KNOW from experience. And don't sell short any good positive training. It DOES work…eventually 😃

  • You are absolutely right and very well put Basenji Mom! Thank you for this reminder and advice. I just starting taking my 8 month old tri to training class on Monday.

  • Houston

    I totally agree as well. I think training the dogs are just as important to them as it is you, what i mean is that a lot of people have dogs and they really should have training on how to be responsible pet parents…for the dogs sake and for people around the dogs sake..It drives me nuts when I am out walking in our "hood" and there are freeroaming dogs milling around like some bad teenagers at the mall...It is not fair, I should be able to walk along and not have to worry about my dogs, kids or my own safety..

  • Couldn't agree more! Although, I do think that in most situations it is the OWNERS that need training not the dogs!! We frequently have people attend our training classes who think they can just come along for an hour or so and that I will 'fix' their dog! We always explain that most of training the dog is about training the owner to be responsible, consistent and to keep up the training at home. There's no point in just doing an hour a week at club and not practising at home.
    So well done to jys1011 your training efforts are paying off! 🙂

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