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Is it also a good idea to separate him from the group when he bites, like putting him in a room where he can still see us, but can no longer be among us? If so, how long do you think he should be in this time out?
I do know there are no Basenji trainers in our area, much less many Basenji's.
He currently sleeps in our bed, which I love to snuggle with him. But now I'm wondering if this is contributing to him taking on the Alpha role. Can you give me more tips on showing him I'm the Alpha?
I do know his biting is not for attention, it's usually something about that person he doesn't like. Strangest thing I've ever seen.
Any advice is much appreciated!

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I too have a similar issue with my 3.5 year old Basenji, Jax. He has bit people, normally strangers to him, and left a good mark. He's even gone as far as walking up to someone squatting down who started petting him, then when they started to get up he bit their hand. Any stranger that comes up and puts their hand out to sniff will get bit, so I always tell everyone to ignore him. But just recently he started something kind of new. We were outside talking to our neighbor, who was ignoring him. Jax was on a leash and after about 5 minutes he decided to lunge at him and try and bite him. Luckily I'm on guard at all times and was able to pull his leash so he missed. I'm at a loss; he's super good with us and our family, never any issues.
He was also raised going to a doggy daycare, which we've weened down to 1 day a week. Just last week they said he's been acting aggressive toward some of the other dogs and ask he not come back. My heart is just broken and I don't know where to go from here.
I know this isn't a reply to your post, Debi, but I want you to know you're not alone and I'm hoping someone can help us together. I would love to know where we should go from here; I want him to be a social dog and felt like I socialized him well since he was a puppy. Just confused why he's turning out this way.

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Thank you for the advice. I guess I was getting a little to relaxed thinking he should be trained by now, letting him roam the house more. I think the tethering will help, so I'll definitely give that a try. Normally when we can't watch him we've been putting him outside; but you say we should put him in his kennel, so we'll give that a shot as well. Thanks again! I hope to have a positive update in a month or two. 🙂

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Woops, didn't mean to post the!
Now that my biting issues are over with Jax, I'm having serious potty training issues. I got him at 8 weeks old and I've been steadily taking him out to the grass and rewarding him when he goes. But it's like if he has to go, he just goes. He doesn't give us any warning. The times I've caught him I tell him "NO" and put him outside. Normally he finishes his business inside, so there is no rewarding after the damage has been done, that is if he finishes outside.
He's a little over 6 months now and I feel like when he wants to go into another room and I have him shut in a certain room with me, he'll pee on the door. Almost like he's doing it on purpose because he's mad.
We work all day and he goes to a puppy daycare 3 days a week. The other two days we normally keep him outside. The week days aren't normally the problem, it's the weekends when we're home. We can let him inside, after being outside for a while, and he'll use the bathroom when he gets inside. This is the first dog I've ever trained with the reward system of potty training and I feel like I'm doing something wrong. All dogs prior to him I've never had an issue, but they were scolded for going inside and rewarded when they went outside. Someone please help!

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Re: Potty training issues

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What did you do for the "NO" to stick?

I wish I could say the same for potty training, but I think you have a big advantage being at home with him all day. But, just maybe, he'll start doing better this month as he gets older. He definitely seems much more responsive now, than he did the 1st month we had him.

Thanks again for any advice,

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Thank you guys for all the tips! I'm so glad to hear that's how Basenji's are and it's not just! The whole yelping deal worked the first time I tried it and then after that it was a game to see if he could make me yelp louder!

I will definitely implement and give you an update in a week or so.

He did have another good day at puppy daycare, he was so exhausted and so sweet...I may have to do this more than two days a week. 🙂

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We're first time Basenji owners. We got our baby boy about 4 weeks ago, who was born 12/1/15 (almost 3 months old). He can be the sweetest at times, but the majority of the time he spends his time with his mouth on us. We are having the hardest time teaching him to quit biting us. Sometimes he gets very aggressive with his biting and it can really hurt with his little needle teeth. It's like he is just out of control sometimes. It has gotten a little better, but I feel like after a month of trying to stop it, it should have stopped by now. Is this normal for a Basenji?? Someone please help!

A little back ground... we have had him in a puppy training class for about 3 weeks now and is doing pretty good, but now all of sudden he is wanting to lunge and jump when we give him the "sit" command or the "look at me" command. He'll sit and then lunge shortly after that...normally trying to get the treat that I'm about to give him for sitting. We work from 8-5 on weekdays, so he's by himself most of the day. I do come home each day for lunch to let him out and get some exercise. We have also started him this last week at a doggy daycare, so he can socialize with other dogs and not be couped up all day. Which went really well for his first day. We do have a 14 year old mixed Yorkie, that only snarls and barks at him, basically won't let him near her, at least she tries.

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