• Hey everyone,
    My 8 month old girl had a rough start but was finally diagnosed with IBD. We have it under control with very limited diet and meds. My question is , she caught on to pooping outside very easily and stands by the door and scratches when she has to go. Peeing has been a challenge. She has found she prefers my hallway to outside. I will take her out every hour and she comes in and pees. Any ideas that worked for training? Most books and videos use food as the treat/motivator but that’s not an option with her restricted diet. I work from home so she’s not alone and I can take her out frequently . When she does go outside I make a big deal lots of petting and praise. Any better ideas for rewards? Clearly my kind words are not cutting the mustard.

  • Whether it's that your praise is not enough or whether the problem is that she isn't understanding what you want would be my question. In the short term, maybe restrict her to a small crate when you can't watch her, and take her out frequently. Praise when she pees, yes, and is there any toy she particularly likes? If so, keep it away from her and use it only as a reward, also leave her out of the crate for a bit if she has peed outside (but watch her!).

    I had a friend with an outdoor cat that preferred to come inside and use the litter box. It could be that she has formed the habit of going in your hallway and feels comfortable with that. You should also say "no" if she appears to be about to pee or is peeing, and pick her up and take her out!

  • @lisalindsley1 said in Training Pup with IBD:

    she prefers my hallway

    This could be due to a residual odor left from an earlier "event". Either her own, or from a previous dog. I would recommend a good hallway cleaning and immediate cleaning of any future "accidents".

    My solution starts with a very wet washcloth rubbed over the area to dilute the urine. Followed by a stepping on a dry rag/towel to soak up anything you cannot reach. Then dust the area with baking soda, let that sit for a few minutes and vacuum it up. Finish with a liberal spray of Lysol or other disinfectant over the area.

    There are a ton of different store bought solutions, but the above treatment worked for me. Your goal isn't to punish the pup, but to remove the aroma as much as possible so she isn't attracted to the area when she needs to "water the grass".

  • @lisalindsley1 - That would be my question, do you catch her when she pees in the hallway? Do you tell her "no" and immediately take her outside? Sorry to hear that she has IBD... what did the breeder have to say about that?

  • SF Bay Basenjis

    I agree with all the previous comments and would also suggest that perhaps for the first few days to try to block off your hallway so she cannot access it. It’s probably inconvenient for you, but I think it would help her get the message and break her habit while you try to get rid of the odor.
    My 10.5 yo basenji also has bowel issues (he was never officially diagnosed with any condition) and he has been on an extremely restricted diet for nearly his whole life. When he was younger one rainy winter he started pooping downstairs bc he hates getting wet. We blocked off the stairs while we thoroughly cleaned the area that was very effective.
    Another suggestion I have if your dog loves food is to use her special kibble as treats. It works v well for us. Good luck!

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