• Hi everyone Carole here, and I am presently training my Angel who is a Basenji/Aussie mix, have been taking notes from 3 very intelligent people, 🙂 all who said the exact same things. But I am not very good at reading/doing, and did everything they said but still have troubles.
    So mother who lives with us said get a trainer, I did, yikes
    they get $60. per hour to come to your house and meet the dog and family. They give you papers to read and you do the work with the dog! I am doing what the papers say, but Angel is still not getting the hint completely. 😞
    We got a wonderful little boy Basenji, Mata Hauri Samuel
    he is a sweetie, but he is picking up some of Angels bad traits. Do any of you know Aussies personally, They are herders, and her bad is she goes after feet, we got her to stop going after us, but she goes after Samuels now.
    When playing together, walking together, or when coming inside, she jumps at his feet, and the B-500 starts and they keep getting worse until one yelps and then they lie down! I LOVE MY DOGS, GGGGG! Now to my dismay, my boy has started to very cutely, get in a play bow at the top of the stairs and when Angel comes in he bites her feet!
    OOPS one is bad two is crazy. GGGG I wonder if other dogs
    do this stuff, if its normal, or if Aussie traits prevail with my sweet girl? SAM I AM SO LOVING, tries hard to do everything Angel does, Bless his heart, and now is trying to bark too, as we cannot get Angel to understand when to bark, and when to stop! She has a Basenji high pitched scream also, I just found out, thank you so much for the ear splitter! 🙂 If one cannot see the other they get crazy,
    she screams, he yodels! They are sleeping together at times now, and behave better when we are not sitting with them. Typical B-behavior I guess. Looking for anyone who has/had/knows Aussie behaviors! So any help is very welcomed here right now, as the sit/stay/jog/door stuff is not helping with the big stuff, Or am I expecting miracles too soon, its only been a week, with the new training stuff!
    Thanks, Carole

  • So it sounds like you want Angel to stop going for Sam's feet. I don't know if you can stop. I think as long as Sam allows it, Angel will keep doing it. I don't know if you can interfere with their play. Usually when dogs play too rough, one will let out a yelp and that will make the other one know that they are playing too hard. Does Sam look like he's objecting to the feet attack?

    Do you have a picture of your Angel? I was just wondering how he looked.

  • Hi!
    lauralopez said:
    Usually when dogs play too rough, one will let out a yelp and that will make the other one know that they are playing too hard.

    How true! My two Basenjis will wrestle and pull and push one another until one of them yelps. The offender will then back off or start licking the other one. Thirty minutes later they're at it again! So, in my opinion, this is not a Biggie. They'll soon find out how to play with one another. As for the training, I would suggest a group class. It's a great way to socialize the dogs. And you'll make some great friends! And you'll learn how to teach your dog by DOING. The Aussies I've met are great dogs. They're smart. But they have to to have a job. When you take a walk, have Angel carry a bottle of water for you and her in a small saddlebag. Clicker training is also a good way to teach. It worked miracles with my Chaco. Good Luck and let us know how the training goes. Basenjis CAN be good performance dogs. It just takes patience. Chaco has his CD and RN and is working on agility now.
    Senjimom aka Mary Wilson
    CH Moores Chock Full of Spirit CD RN, Cleopatra, Queen of the Universe, and
    MsPretty'nSable'nMink (My Brindle lady)

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