Night time/ sleep aggression in our 18 month old female basenji

  • @jengosmonkey said in Night time/ sleep aggression in our 18 month old female basenji:

    Never touch a Basenjis feet while they're sleeping." Apparently they get rather irritated.

    You know something, so do I !

  • @chrisf my husband does the same! whereas I don't allow her to sleep on my lap, only next to it so I can get up without her complaining.

  • When was your pup vaccinated for rabies.
    Look up side effects of the rabies vaccine.
    go to the dogs naturally website and look for
    side effects.
    Sudden aggression can and does manifest in
    in dogs given the rabies vaccine,even if it was months ago.
    I speak from 45 years of experience

  • My Sarge has a no-fly zone around him when he's asleep....common to Basenjis.

  • @rocky1 - Hate to disagree, I have never in 30+ years had this issue... period, due a rabies vaccine. And rabies is important since it is required by law... if you ever have a dog bite someone, animal control can take that dog if not vaccinated. Not worth it unless you can prove that they have issues in writing from your Vet.

  • Tanza,
    I have 15 years on you and I have in fact have had problems.
    My dogs had vet exemptions.

  • @rocky1 are we talking Basenjis or other breeds ? We are a rabies free country so I have never had to protect my Basenjis from the disease and am therefore not competent to comment, but am following the thread with interest.

  • Zande,
    Basenjis for 45 years.
    I have had Cancer,Aggression issues and Skin Issues
    all caused from reactions to the rabies vaccine.
    I'm not saying it happens with all b's but I have had it
    Even had a nice pup die right after the shot.
    Unless it happens to you,you wouldn't know.
    To those that haven't had a problem,I'm happy for you
    but I have had it happen,especially in my Avongara's.
    In other breeds it is also very common,sad to say.

  • @rocky1 This is very interesting, if also alarming.

    One of my favourite books is Who Killed The darling Buds of May?' by Catherine O'Driscoll - sent me from USA by a very well-known breeder.

    It is subtitled along its spine with the words 'What Vets don't tell you about vaccines' - which kind of indicates exactly what it is about.

    It always worried me that regulations insisted a pup have a rabies jab very early before being shipped to Germany although the Germans always said DON'T do it so young, we will do it here at a safer age. They re-did it anyway. Regardless of UKs DEFRA regulations.

    Can't have been good for the puppy.

  • I am not up to date on current rabies vaccines for dogs, but I know that in the past there was more than one formulation, as my next door neighbour's dog had an anaphylactic reaction when vaccinated and the vet made a note to use a different formulation for the next annual shot. In future the dog had no difficulties. There are known side effects to most vaccines. Aggression is not one I am familiar with, however, with rabies vaccination in countries that require it there isn't much choice. It would not be my first thought with an 18 month old dog showing aggression. Especially a Basenji objecting to being moved from a comfortable place.

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