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Our female basenji who is 1 and a half years old (fixed in April 2020) has recently developed a very scary side to her. I would say it started this summer. When she is sleeping with any of her humans, laying with them on the couch and just relaxing, and even worse in bed at night...once she has found her spot and is comfortable, if you move her, even to adjust your sitting position, she goes nuts. Growling and snarling and sometimes even biting. Some times these episodes can be only seconds, but the worst ones are in bed at night and last for over a minute.

She doesn’t have food aggression, we have taken her food and bones away mid chew or sit next to her and pet her and she’s never been aggressive that way. It’s only with sleep.

Night time has gotten so bad that we have been kicking her out of the bed and locking her out of the bedroom. She’s such a lover, such a snuggler, loves to cuddle and play. But when it comes to disturbing her while sleeping or relaxing (and not directly trying to disturb her), it gets scary. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone had success in breaking this cycle?

Also, we learned early on that the breeder we got her from is no help at all; basenji forum on Facebook and this forum has been the most helpful.

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@eeeefarm i completely forgot to add that they want to spay her after she goes through her first cycle. Oops!

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@elbrant ok wow sorry i totally didn’t read that while writing! My parents want to wait til she has her first cycle to have her spayed

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This is our first basenji! Our girl is 8 months old this month. I am just wondering when she will get her first period? I know Basenji’s only go into heat once a year, so is this the same for them getting a period? Or their first one? I am not sure if this is a stupid question or not. My parents really want to wait To have her spayed, until after her first cycle so we are trying to figure out when that will be. TIA!

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