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lauralopez said:
Usually when dogs play too rough, one will let out a yelp and that will make the other one know that they are playing too hard.

How true! My two Basenjis will wrestle and pull and push one another until one of them yelps. The offender will then back off or start licking the other one. Thirty minutes later they're at it again! So, in my opinion, this is not a Biggie. They'll soon find out how to play with one another. As for the training, I would suggest a group class. It's a great way to socialize the dogs. And you'll make some great friends! And you'll learn how to teach your dog by DOING. The Aussies I've met are great dogs. They're smart. But they have to to have a job. When you take a walk, have Angel carry a bottle of water for you and her in a small saddlebag. Clicker training is also a good way to teach. It worked miracles with my Chaco. Good Luck and let us know how the training goes. Basenjis CAN be good performance dogs. It just takes patience. Chaco has his CD and RN and is working on agility now.
Senjimom aka Mary Wilson
CH Moores Chock Full of Spirit CD RN, Cleopatra, Queen of the Universe, and
MsPretty'nSable'nMink (My Brindle lady)

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Hi! You received some excellent information and advice. I thought I'd tell my Chaco's story. He's always been a bossy, dominant dog who never backed down from a disagreement. When I started training him in obedience using the clicker, I came upon the "touch" command. You teach the dog to touch your finger, a target stick, toys, everything. I thought I'd see if he would quietly and gently touch another dog for a treat. I started with dogs he knew. And it worked! So I proceeded to dogs in his training class. After that, when we went to a show, Chaco would immediately start looking for dogs to touch (without any snarking or growling) for his cheese! Last week he even touched his "mortal enemy" in class, a Sheltie whom he loves to torment! I've also found that a quick touch to my dogs' back will bring their attention back to me and lets them know in a non-aggressive way that I won't accept that behavior. Good Luck! And let us know how things go.
Senjimom aka Mary Wilson

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Hi, all. I'm new here, so I don't know who all might be listening. My dogs and I participate in Obedience, Rally, and Agility. Chaco has his CD and RN. I'm just starting him on Agility. Sable is now enrolled in beginning Obedience. I'm glad to listen to anyone who has ideas on training in these areas. TTYL
Senjimom in Indiana.:)

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Hi, all. I'm new here; but I've seen some familiar names. I'm in Indiana. I'm enslaved by 3 Basenjis right now. I'm a member of the BCOA, Hoosier Basenji Club, and BRAT (Basenji Rescue). I'm very much involved in Obedience, Rally, and Agility participation. So if anyone out there has some good ideas on training, I'm listening! I look forward to talking to y'all. Take care.
Senjimom in Greenwood, IN.

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