• I rescued a basenji mix in December. He is such a love able dog. He does bark and doesn't have a curly tail. He looks like a basenji and has a lot of the traits. When I adopted him in December, I had a five year old mixed male. He passed in February from pancreatitis. In march, I adopted an eight week old female jack Russell/Bassett hound mix. She was only 12 pounds when I got her. Tucker, my basenji, never hurt her, but he plays rough. Even after all the little teeth bites from my puppy, he never hurt her. He is very aggressive to dogs, tho. I will have to pay attention to the sex of the dogs. I know he's aggressive to the female in the neighbors yard. I'm getting upset, because people think he will hurt their dog. And, honestly, I don't know. Please, can anyone give me their advice.?

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