Basenji aggression with smaller dogs

  • My 5 y/o female basenji over the past year has become very aggressive towards dogs that are about the same size or smaller than her. And I believe if she caught a squirrel or rabbit, she would definitely kill it. Could this be a predator thing? No issue with larger dogs. Is this common in the breed? Also, how does one find a trainer that specializes in correcting this specifically in Basenjis. Thanks

  • As far as killing squirrels/rabbits.... Basenjis are hunters and I say as a fact that if caught a Basenji will kill small game.
    As far as this being equated to small dogs, I think not (in my opinion).

  • My 4yo is the same way. But to be fair most small dogs are aggressive and bark at my dog first. But she definitely doesn’t like other small dogs.

  • My Perry hated all dogs, but particularly small yappy ones. I would say, not unusual. Also not easy to change this behaviour! Good luck.

  • A good trainer can work with you on how to teach your dog to ignore or be controlled. Nothing is going to make him like small dogs and not much changes prey drive. The key is controlling your dog so she doesn't get in a dog fight or run off chasing prey. My basenji right now have discovered hedgehogs. We have the check the yard carefully as she is quite sure that they are meant as an appetizer right after feral cat steaks. 😞

  • My Kembe only became aggressive towards some other dogs when she was attacked by a large dog that was not leashed. However, there are some dogs that she does like both big and small and also some dogs that she doesn’t like . She doesn’t back down - no matter the size if she dislikes the dog.
    As for squirrels and rabbits - she is focused & relentless - goes into STEALTH MODE! She has killed 2 squirrels while on leash - she is FAST.

  • Thank you all. Knowing it is a little bit breed related is sort of a relief

  • @kembe

    Wow, my Izzy-Bella would be so jealous. Squirrels and bunnies send her into mad-dog frenzy. Oh, to capture one of those pesky little vermin--sublime! She tries, but, alas, no luck.

    Izzy loves Big Dogs. She is an unashamed little Ho. She tries to kiss their faces and their ears. It's frankly embarrassing.
    She doesn't hate small dogs, as long as they like her. But she yearns for handsome manly Dwayne Johnsons of Big Dogs.

  • Yes, my girl is aggressive to many dogs. She seems to pick and choose who she likes and who she doesn't. There have been previous posts here about Basenji aggressiveness - see if you can scroll through and read them. My girl started getting aggressive from age three onward. We just have a firm leash, and don't stop too often to meet and greet. Like many other dog types if we let her off the leash at the dog beach she's not aggressive at all. We don't have squirrels in Australia, but my girl sure does love hunting ducks and parrots. Go figure!!

  • @izzy-bella
    Kembe’s “boyfriend” is a big blue Pit-bull named Jax! She absolutely loves him and it’s funny to watch her flirt with him!❤

  • Basenjis' function in the wild is to go after small game. I expect mine to hunt (and kill if they catch them) squirrels and rabbits. Other dogs are a no-no ! Mine know I do not tolerate aggression to other dogs, regardless of their size.

    We are just back from a long walk in the forest where my two ran free and hunted (abortively, nothing caught) with a Cocker Spaniel. We met and chatted with lots of other dogs of all shapes and sizes and their owners . Humans stopped to chat, dogs did the normal meet, greet and sniff and there was not a single cross word.

    The only trainer mine have ever had is their own pack alpha - ME !

    Do not let aggressive behaviour take hold. Nip it in the bud NOW.

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