Basenji kisses?

Over the last few days Khalani has been licking my face and hands a lot, occasionally nipping, but when I yell NO he stops and continues licking. What does this mean? Is it possession? Is it love? Do I just taste good? Lol

You taste good! LOL Lizzy licks a lot as well. Anywhere she can reach.

Lol, I' m so lucky Khalani still has that sweet smelling puppy breath…
It's quite funny actually, he gets so into it he stops mid lick, it makes me laugh when I look at him and he's just frozen with this long tongue out pressed against my hand, eyes closed almost like he fell asleep mid

Becca is a licker too. Feet, hands, arms, legs. It drives me nuts actually! If I didn't stop her I think she would lick until you we're missing two layers of skin!

I guess if it was relentless it would drive me nuts but it's usually in the evening when we're watching TV.

First Basenji's

I have a licker too. Uzie will usually go into the bathroom just knowing I or my husband is almost done with our shower. Then as we towel off (I leave a let wet for him) he will start to lick the water off. Of course I have to quickly put on my lotion before he is done with the little I put on the rug for him. He will drop and roll and make little purring sounds as he rolls and sniffs and rolls!!!!
He will also do as your little one when he is in bed with us at night before he drops off to Basenji Dreamland-too funny when they stop in 'mid-lick'!

I have yet to own a Basenji who doesn't think you need to be dried off when you are wet! Either from the shower or from swimming. Seems they think it is their job… they would clean themselves after being out in the rain.

My guy goes nuts for my skin cream. One whiff of it and he is rolling on the bed as he would in something disgusting he found outside. What does that say about the cream ingredients, I wonder? 😉

Elliot was a kisser when he was younger but has slowed down now that he's 7mo. Occasionally I'll get a little kiss from him. 🙂 My previous B Cody was not a kisser at all and I used to joke with him that he had a slimey worm tongue and I didn't want it anyway!

Oakley is NOT a kisser. He will incessantly try to get in a few licks after a shower to dry me off but it's rare he will just start licking me…apparently, the behavior is "beneath" him..or so he acts

Funny Kaiser is not a big human licker, husband usually gets a little when he is showing bare skin otherwise he lick plants, wet tiles outside really anything that is wet or has water sitting on it, what he does love is mud and he is very tempted when we walk past some, least it's not as bad as the cat poo he lunges at on our walks and swallows in a gulp YUCK YUCK!

Jolanda and Kaiser

Yeah, Khalani likes to lick the water out of the shower recess. He also likes to rub himself all over my towel. On more than one occasion I have seen him run down the hall with my towel on his head…..hilarious!!!


Yeah, Khalani likes to lick the water out of the shower recess. He also likes to rub himself all over my towel. On more than one occasion I have seen him run down the hall with my towel on his head…..hilarious!!!

Another towel basenji!! Becca will pull towels off the rack once we are done with them, drag them down the hall and roll on them. Tucker does the same thing, but only because he mimics Becca.

First Basenji's

Love it! it is so funny how many Basenji's share the same antics!

Oakley will rub on my wet towels, and try to grab them to pull them over his body while rolling- I think it's his version of a shower; although I don't quote understand the obsession because he despises being wet so why roll on a wet towel?

Yeah, my guy likes to pull the towel down and roll on it as well. I can usually head it off (if I hear him heading that way) by bellowing "is that yours?" 😉

Just 20 minutes ago Elliot was extra excited and running around and when he saw me he was SO excited he gave me a little kiss! I put a command to it ("kiss" lol) and praised him. I asked for another and he did it again! He got bored after the 5th or so time but I hope he remembers it!

My Cody used to LOVE wet hair. If you sat down on the couch after a shower he would crawl behind you and rub himself on your head. It was both funny and annoying (much like a lot of basenji quirks).

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