Trident my Tri-color 3 year old, love him

I can understand why you LOVE ❤️ him! He’s a basenji and he’s GORGEOUS! ❤🐾👍

Tris are special and they know it !

Very handsome, but my neck has a crick in it from trying to see the pictures. Right side up instead of sideways would be nice! (I'm not picking on you, many people just upload without changing the orientation, but not all of us are using phones to view!) Enjoy your special boy!

@zande - Oh for sure... they have an attitude! But they are so much fun! As are all Basenjis....

What a beautiful Tri-color Basenji,

@mjohnsontrident I like the picture in the backyard. True Basenji... the master as he surveys his realm. 😉 👍


Love the name! He looks kind of like my Mr.T (only T doesn't have any white on his nose). From one tri owner to another, your basenji is very handsome................just don't tell T know I told you that! Its an older photo, but T is very much the spitting image of this photo even now.

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Oooh so lovely. I’d love a trident pup. Would you happen to remember breederMs name and details? I’d like to get on waiting list.

@basenjimom2 gorgeous dog. I’d like to get on a waiting list for a tricolor. Do you recommend anyone?
Thanks, Lorraine

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Trident is a PERFECT name for your beautiful boy!!!! He is perfect! Thanks for sharing his pictures.

I wish I knew how to change the orientation of the pics, so sorry. The breeder was amazing, @LSilvers1 @basenjimom2 but she hasn’t had puppies since trident 3 years ago. Congaro Basenjis, beautiful dogs she has.

@mjohnsontrident said in Trident my Tri-color 3 year old, love him:

I wish I knew how to change the orientation of the pics, so sorry.

It depends on what software you have available, e.g. on my computer it took only a second to do this with Windows 10 picture tools.


If you are using a phone, it would depend on whether it is iPhone or Android. And you can also do it on line.

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