Momo, 1 year old, our big girl

Last October, Momo turns 1 year old and she's so… much calmer now (well, except on a walk :D).

Here's some blurry fun photos we took of our lovely girl lately.

After running around the house

On her favorite pillow, which is previously mine, before she took over 😃

Hanging out with Marx, her mini schnauzer bff.

First Basenji's

She looks very happy. 🙂

I guess our Bowpi used to live with a miniature schnauzer, too.

Thank you for posting the pictures. Belated Happy Birthday to Momo.

Lovely looking b. Happy birthday.

LOL exactly what I was thinking looking at those pics– she looks so very happy! 🙂

Aww, thank you, everyone.

Happy birthday to Momo! She looks like a happy little sweetheart. And wow - calm at a year? She is certainly a gem. I'm still waiting to see any sign of calm from my girl - who will be 3 in December. LOL

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