Patiently (ish) waiting

@zande oh I see. My comment was just continuing the conversation from further up the thread about the dogs potentially sharing relatives.

He will be worth the wait!!!!! Please let us know his name and share more pictures when you get him. He is absolutely beautiful!!!!

@zande just realised what happened there - I was replying to @enquiring_mind about potential relatives, but didn't do it properly and predictive text misspelled it, so it looked like I was replying to you.

On a side note we saw images of health certificates for our puppy's parents. Father was also bred by IIona Zlatkina and was clear and Mother was bred by Tatiana Kotelva in Ukraine and was negative but a carrier (for falconi I think), so we were satisfied that our puppy was clear before committing.

Unfortunately my husband's phone was damaged so we no longer have the images of the certificates and I understand it's only the breeder who is permitted to share them? I did forward your website to the breeder and suggested he send in certificates and photos of mum and dad.

@jkent said in Patiently (ish) waiting:

we saw images of health certificates for our puppy's parents.

I am delighted you did. I never hear anything from your breeder and doubt that he would be interested in the database. I don't have photo-copies of any certificates of his dogs' parents but if you can assure me that you have them, albeit on a broken phone, I can add the clearances to the database.

I am assuming they are Zoogen ?

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@zande it was from a company in Manchester. I have asked him to forward me the images again.

@zande the breeder kindly forwarded the images of the fanconi results again and I have emailed them to you (with his knowledge).

@jkent Yes - The rest of Europe and all of USA uses OFA, the Russians use Zoogen and in Australia it is Orivet. This is a totally new testing agency I have never heard of.

However, your dog's parents are both clear by parents anyway so I have accepted these certificates.

Interesting that the UK might have its own OFA equivalent - But I am continuing to use OFA when I get Kito checked !

I am very happy with the breeder we have chosen she has been so helpful and I can see she is well thought of in the community.

We are now down to 2 names (we think, 6 year old changes her mind every 5 minutes lol). Gizmo (front runner) and Fox.

@enquiring_mind - Honestly? The pup you tell you what name is the best when you get the pup home....LOL

@tanza mine always tell me what they want to be called . Best not have any preconceived ideas

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