• We brought our puppy home a little over a week ago. She is Mata Hauri Mei, out of GCHB CH Mata Hauri Klassy's Last Tango and Mata Hauri Esprit Tiger Lily.

    She's a gorgeous little trindle with a great big personality, who loves to snuggle. She's already so well loved by her humans, both big and small. Mei has 4 kids to keep on their toes, ranging from 10 to 2 in age. She's already started in on the hard work of getting us trained to her liking, lol.

    I've referenced this forum a bunch over the last few weeks (having a puppy and having a basenji puppy just aren't quite the same thing when it comes to research!) so I figured we would introduce ourselves and hang around for more good advice about our sweet girl.

    She had her second round of shots and first vet visit tonight, and our vet has NEVER in 17 years seen a basenji before! I knew they were uncommon, but that kind of surprised me! She did amazingly well and we're so proud of her.

  • Pictures, please! And welcome to the forum.

  • @mhmei Welcome, welcome, welcome! If you're comfortable, yes... PICTURES PLEASE!!! I'd love to see a trindle Basenji puppy. I'm very excited for you!

  • 0_1612921786468_pixlr_20210209204921511.jpg

    Here's our pretty girl. I tried to choose some photos that show her trindle markings.

  • What a charmer! Lucky you!

  • Congrats on your pup... she is related to our C-Me and Joy! Thanks for sharing her breeding as we are now part of a family!

  • I just love these new puppy threads! She's awesome looking @MHMei That pic in the lower right is priceless.

  • @mhmei
    She is so SWEET!🥰 Congr@tulations! 😍🐾❤

  • Same breeder where we got our Sarge. You have a beautiful little girl, enjoy!

  • @mhmei said in Mei and her family in NH:

    Mata Hauri Esprit Tiger Lily

    I just love it when a new owner bothers to give the parentage of the new baby ! First thing I do is to add the pup to the on-line Pedigree database, then I go to the AKC website for the birthday or any other missing details.

    Great to see Mom AND Papa are both clear for Fanconi AND PRA ! But we know Debbie always tests her dogs.

    I have loads of new litters to add this afternoon but by this evening, my time, you should be able to trace her ancestry, right back to the Founders !

    Good luck and lots of happiness with a pretty wee girl, and good luck training your Vet !

  • Oh such a sweet little face and such loving eyes!!!! And I love her name....are you going to use her whole name when she is naughty!!!! LOL!!!!! Thanks for sharing your little beauty....you are in for such fun and love...and you will find lots of great people here and lots of expert advice.

  • So cute! You all are making me puppy jealous!
    She looks like she has some brindle in there? Is she a trindle?
    I liked your vet story too. The first time I took my first boy to our vet she said "Why did you get one of these?" (she can be a bit blunt- but she was actually curious why I chose a basenji, and she had never seen one either!)

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