• I think it's my own fears more than hers, but I'm so afraid I'm going to scare her or hurt her little nails! I have great clippers and a sanding tool made for dogs' nails, so it seems like it would be something easy to do, but I keep putting it off, and now they're really long. I thought of calling a groomer, but this is something I need to get over I guess.

  • @ellenw
    Easiest method is the dremel tool. It takes 2 of us to trim my B’s nails - I have someone hold her while I trim - it’s quick and she doesn’t mind it much. It’s best to get your basenji use to a regular nail routine at an early age. I’m having to do my B’s nails more often now than I use to because she’s not out walking like she use to due to her age.🐾

  • If she is still really tiny, the only way to go is with small embroidery scissors - preferably with quite long blades. When she is bigger you can use the dremel or a normal nail cutter, like a resco guillotine.

  • My breeder showed me that if you lay your pup across your tummy (while you watch TV) and stroke them to relax them, you can do the nails without a problem. Of course, it's not going to make them "like" it. I can turn my (off-brand) dremel on and doodle will turn around and go the other way... "not today, Mom!". 😃

  • The easiest for me was an upside down dog on my lap, pointed away from me to give me good access to the toes. I used a guillotine clipper and was careful not to take too much, finished up with a file or emery board to be sure of not nipping the quick. Of course they don't like it, but should learn to tolerate it as with any other procedure (ears, anals, teeth). Start off easy, lots of praise for good behaviour, many breaks. Once the dog is familiar with the procedure you should be able to manage with a short break when the dog gets restless, perhaps a treat, but leaving is not allowed without permission. (my girl Tamu used to get increasingly annoyed as I worked, inform me verbally she was not amused, and make a slow motion mouth grab of my offending hand. Never bit down but gave me that look Basenjis use when you are out of favour, and I would allow her a minute to compose herself before continuing the "torture". The hardest part, for me, was not to laugh!)

    Most breeders will have spent some time with pups getting them used to being handled. Once they come home with you it's important to continue touching anywhere and everywhere, examining whatever part of their anatomy you wish. You do not want any "no go" zones! In case of injury or illness it's important they are used to being handled everywhere.

  • No idea what the issue is! (Obviously just kidding)

    We've found that using a Dremel with the dog standing on the table works best, though I think the table usually isn't used. But everyone has to find their own way with this. One of our dogs has nails which grow under and the only way to get at this is with a manual nail file.

  • Trigger’s day care does it for $15. Easy as can be 😉

  • @triggers-dad I tried paying the Vet's office for doing it (once) but they did it wrong. Long walks seem to work over time....

  • @elbrant said in Is there an easy way to trim her nails?:

    Long walks seem to work over time....

    Oh yes, walking on paved surfaces definitely keeps the nails trim. Once we moved from the farm I seldom had to do nails in summer. Much different than rambling on grass and dirt.

  • @eeeefarm said in Is there an easy way to trim her nails?:

    Oh yes, walking on paved surfaces definitely keeps the nails trim.

    Not in my world! LOL Or perhaps we just keep them shorter

  • Dremel.... is the best way and really at the very least once every two weeks to keep them short... you might want to have your Vet or a groomer done them the first time if they are very long (which sounds like they are) and then work on keeping them up after that.

  • I wonder who clips the nails of a village dog in Africa? 😉

  • @eeeefarm said in Is there an easy way to trim her nails?:

    I wonder who clips the nails of a village dog in Africa? 😉

    I’ve heard they use gazelle hide... 😲

  • With this thread in mind, I just did Kito's nails. Paul picked them up, Mku first, and I applied the guillotine Rescos. No problems.

    As Kito is still quite small, he was more difficult, and I am still using a plethora of reading glasses for different tasks I sat down, tucked him under my arm so he couldn't wriggle, and guillotined away.

    Not a squeak out of him, but he watched the proceedings with great interest.

    Both doggies then had a 'special biscuit' -

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