• I need to know about the Basenji heat cycle.

    As previously mentioned, "doodle" came to my home after she was spayed, I noted (April 20th) on another thread/topic that she seemed to be in season this year, and she has had a bloody vaginal discharge. It seems better, but she is still marking (every yard we pass). I thought that the Vet may have just removed the ovaries... but I want to make sure that this doesn't seem "abnormal" to any of our more experienced owners/breeders.

    Based on your observations/experience/knowledge, is 6 weeks of discharge unusual, or normal?

  • @elbrant
    From googling I see there is a chance she has "ovarian remnant syndrome", which apparently can happen weeks or years after the spay. "It occurs when a small amount of ovarian tissue remains inside your dog after spaying and starts to become functional." I would think this is something you might want to check out with your vet, especially because it could also be caused by other medical issues, including tumors. More info here .

  • You should talk to her breeders, they can tell you about the spay... it would be very, very not normal... it is NOT usual that this would happen with a regular spay and I am sure that it was just that. Since I know her breeders I doubt very seriously that it would not have been a complete spay done. What did they tell you? You first course is to contact her breeders. And have you taken her to the Vet? Should be a repo specialist Vet that would be able to evaluate this... and would most likely want to do an ultrasound. But again, your first course is to contact her breeders.

  • @eeeefarm, @tanza, Thank you. I thought maybe someone might have first hand experience with such a thing. I think I have a copy of the spay bill. I might be able to contact the Vet directly.

  • @elbrant - Did you contact her breeders? They would know best and not sure the Vet will be able to tell you anything without their approval. And have you taken her to the Vet, that really is not normal I would believe (NOT a Vet) that something else is going on.... and again contact the breeders/prior owners and also a Vet visit would be in order.

  • It is not normal, for sure. You should talk to the breeder - the vet who carried out the spay is unlikely to divulge anything to you without the breeder's permission - as others have already said. But having found out as much as you can - take your Basenji to your own vet with as much information as possible.

  • Thank you everyone, I'll let you know what happens...

  • Vet has decided "UTI" and doodle is on 2 weeks of antibiotics with probiotics (1 tsp ACV [Apple Cider Vinegar] in her water and plain [Greek] Yogurt) to help maintain her natural biomes.

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