Two Heat cycles??? OR something more serious?

  • how common is it for a 2 year old to have 2 heat cycles? she had one in Nov/Dec, but started bleeding again two days ago. My understanding was that they only have one heat cycle a year. Should I be concerned? Because i am.

  • @papalotl - Normal.... for some... to have two heat cycles... I always say "they didn't read the handbook"! Two of my girl have one per year and then every other year have one in the spring and one in the Fall, go figure. This is why at time you will see spring/summer puppies. Many times that spring season never full develops to a point that they would take a breeding. But do not count on that... LOL.
    That said it is my Tri that has the spring season and she will bring in my other one. DO NOT BE CONCERNED..... They are both 11 1/2 and had two seasons in 2020... so this should be the off year. But again, they did not read the manual! And some bitches will have what we call a puppy season after having pups... again any other in-tact bitches in the house might follow suit.

  • @tanza thanks Pat.

  • My 10 month old was born after a surprise second season! I don't think it had happened before and the mum was 4 years old at the time.

  • i scheduled an appointment just to be on the safe side. From what i read it could be a rare 2nd heat season, or some scary health issues. If it is a second heat season, i wonder what is the trigger? Thanks for commenting and sharing Jkent.

  • I have had many Basenjis in the last 20 years. One of them was actually born in late July. Yes occasionally they will come in heat twice a year. I wish they all would be born in the summer as it would be so much easier to potty train them vs the cold weather.

  • My first girl, Rosa always had a spring heat, and I decided to breed her on one of them. It was her last litter, a litter of one (I had been told that spring heats often resulted in small litters.
    All of her heats were normal.
    Has nothing to do with the question-
    This heat resulted in one male puppy. When he was 2 weeks old, I SAW him boss her around, not unusual, but what was unusual is that she LET him! From that point, she continued to let him boss her around!
    I named him Captain, giving orders. If I'd known my son was going to join the Navy, I would have named him Chief (Navy equivalent)

  • @papalotl - Don't know what you are reading but it is NOT rare. Never hurts to have a Vet check but if you do, it should be with a specialist. Regular Vets are not that up on reproduction issues in 99% of the cases. There doesn't need to be a trigger some just have two seasons.

  • My girl has had 2 estrus cycles since hers began, She is 6. Some do. Like us humans, what one bitch does may not be like another.

  • The Basenji Annual Estrus:
    African Origins

    While the Basenji for the most part has a seasonal annual cycle there is a tendency for some Basenjis to have a second estrus. This pattern originated in Africa and continued in the first generation out of Africa."

  • Miss Bliss came to us two years ago at two years old.
    Was informed she wouldn't I into heat until september or October.
    She went into heat in April and then again in October.
    Perhaps this is just an occasional happening for two year olds or maybe
    it's global warming! In year three she had 1heat in the fall nd then was spayed.Four weeks ago she escaped, was hit and broke her leg.
    5 more weeks of crate living for Miss Bliss.

  • We have had two seasons in the pack, very often. This has given us more than a fair share of summer litters. Basically, when one girl comes in, they all do. Sometimes its only a token dribble in sympathy from a bitch whose 'normal' ovulation is counter to that of the other ladies. One bitch, born in September, only ever actually ovulated and could be bred in the Spring although she apparently had a sympathy season with the others in Autumn.

    They kept her company in Spring but matings were not successful for them at 'her' time.

    I wouldn't worry but it never hurts to call on the vet if you are ever worried about anything.

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