• check also anal glands

  • @tuts thanks, they were checked when she went to the vet for worming tablets.

  • @jkent I don't know when you did check it, but it may change every day.

  • @tuts checked it 4 weeks ago as she was scooting, but that has now stopped since the worming tablets.

  • some dogs need to get it cleaned every month. And if they start licking, biting their vulva or tail, I highly recommend to check their anal glands first. You don't need to get her to Vet for it.

  • Update - seen blood this afternoon so looks like she is in season. However, I have also realised that she appears to have a recessed vulva so am hoping this corrects itself after this (second) season and will look out for UTI signs as I understand this makes them more prone. We did think her anatomy looked a bit odd when we first got her but the vet thought normal.

    For those who have had dogs with two cycles per year - are they shorter or still around 30 days?

  • @jkent - NOPE.... not shorter.... sorry to say, still around 30 days...

  • @tanza had better cancel the meet up with her intact brother then 😀

  • Update - 16 days of bleeding and then nothing at all for the past 4 days. On day 16 I there was a really tiny amount of straw colour (seen on toilet paper when I wiped to check) in the morning and then red bleeding in the afternoon. She's still a bit grumpy with other dogs, but seems to have dried up already.

    Last time (first cycle) she had 18 days of bleeding, at least a couple days of straw colour, followed by more of bleeding before drying up.

    Any thoughts? Thanks

  • She's very young. It does take some bitches a couple of years (cycles) before they settle into a routine - which is another reason not to neuter them until everything has really settled down !) I wouldn't worry too much, just keep a close eye on her.

    She was born 'out of season' - but will probably revert to one proper season a year in time.

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