• Is 5.5 months too young for heat? I noticed dry dark blood around her area about a week ago. She’s been more tired, much more destructive (especially in the crate—- which has never been a problem before). Sometimes picky when eating. Called the vet and have an appointment soon but I am getting so worried it’s something else. Has anyone else had a B go into heat this early?

  • It's quite possible. I had one at six months, so you are not far off.

  • @eeeefarm did she have another one closer to 1 yr?

  • No, because I had her spayed before her second heat.

  • They can come in their first season from 4 months to 9 months, give or take... should be no worries...

  • My now 13 month old had her first cycle when she was 6 months and then another one at 11/12 months. The first one was text book, with a couple of weeks of bleeding, followed by straw colour fluid (to indicate ovulation) and then a return to bleeding before petering out. The second cycle stopped after 16 days of bleeding and not sure if we are waiting for the second part.

    Was it just the one day you noticed blood or has it continued?

  • Often the girls will come in very early for the first season, then again at a normal time and thereafter will settle into an annual season routine (more or less !).

    I've said it before and here it is again - this is another reason NOT to spay at least until they are settled into an annual routine and you know they are hormonally and probably structurally mature. By then, with luck, you will decide to leave them entire because a season is honestly no big deal.

  • @jkent it continued the blood!

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