• What do I do? She is not complaining, but she odviously broke it down , it is bent and hanging. Do I take her in tonight to an emergency vet, or can it wait until tomorrow? Poor thing, not only her skin but now her nail.

  • never mind, we are off to the vets now. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Poor baby, I hope it went okay

  • Its awful when they hurt themselves.

  • When Pepper split a nail down to the skin years ago, the vet actually had to anesthetize her to cut the nail–there are regulations about when they have to put them under. Hope yours wasn't broken that low.....let us know how it goes.

  • Sorry its taken so long to update…Sally did very well. They were able to save it. She had to wrap removed 2 days later. She is recovering fully, though her shedding is getting wrose. They did a skin scrape and saw nothing. The vet thought it may be due to her food. We are going back to the food she was on before....slowely! She is back on the 3V with no change. She is also not gaining weight and actually lost a pound. She seems happy, but again I am worried about the sudden onset of shedding. On a positive note....she got a little bunny from her Aunt Darcy(who is a police officer here in the cincinnati area, and is the only K-9 unit in her department!)...Sally played and bit on the bunny for the first time ever since we got her in October. we are so glad to see her play like that. She really is feeling like she is home and safe now! Go Bunny!

  • glad they were able to save the nail and she is doing better

  • thanks..I'm glad her nail is better too, now I just need to fix the skin, and eating!

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