Hello from Santa Cruz, CA

@milena - Hi I understand from Chris that you are having a playdate tomorrow with her boy Swagger? Her baby puppy is too young to meet other puppy yet.... hope you have a good visit

@tanza Yes, we found Chris and love Swagger! Second playdate with him today! We will have to wait to meet Mellie but love all the photos of her we've seen. Thank you for thinking of Chris, she's been so kind to my family already.

@zande She goes by Autumn but that is her registered name, I believe. D.O.B. is 6-2-2018. AKC number HP57371401.

Telki and her siblings were born Oct. 8 2020. I know a tri female stayed with the breeder, red female is in Denver (I'm in contact with her owner weekly), red male is in Riverside, and I don't know where the tri male is.

Did I answer your questions? Happy to add anything else I missed

@milena - Chris is the best, have known for many, many years and we have been friends for many, many years too!

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That is the AKC number for Itury Puzzle Shelest Listvi, not for your puppy. I need the reg# for Telki. Or HER registered name.

I need a registered name, OR a registration number for any one of the litter, then I can go to the AKC website and get all the information I need since you have given me the parents. Have a looking at the database, the pedigree on with the address in my signature block.

There you will see WHY I need registered names and once Telki is in there, you will have fun tracing her back through all the famous dogs which I'm sure are behind her.

Try again, please !

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@zande Ah, sorry, since you had her mom's name in big letters I thought you wanted her mom's info. Telki is Triforce's Princess Mononoke HP61278102. I just tried to look her up and it didn't work for some reason though.

@milena the larger font is usually the word quoted. But many thanks. I will add Tell I later today and re- upload the whole thing so she, and as many siblings as I can find on the AKC website, appear.

Photos of the parents would be great if you can persuade your breeders to email me some.

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OK, In fact, Telki is in the database but without her registration number which I have now added. I went to the AKC website, but none of the litter appears to have been registered yet. I will try again in a week or two.

I have the names, just not the reg#s.

She is SO beautiful!!!! I wish I could meet all these Basenjis in person!!!!!

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