Hello from South London, UK!

@sasha74 We're in West Norwood, close to West Dulwich, but not too far from Tower Bridge! It's about a 20 minute journey to London Bridge from here, and then an easy journey onto Tower Bridge. Do you live around Tower Bridge or know of another Basenji near there? 🙂

@jkent Oh my goodness, what a little sweetheart! How's the settling in been for you all? She looks very happy 🙂

@bjenkins33 it's been challenging getting used to a Basenji's ways but we are getting there! The puppy biting has calmed right down and toilet training has improved a lot just recently. She was doing well in the summer and then started refusing to go outside when the weather turned. Luckily she is very food driven so that has come in handy for persuading her to do many things that she doesn't want but needs to!

@jengosmonkey Sorry, but theft is theft. Yes I know all about water-marking, etc - I've been doing this for years.

I don't make a living out of photography any more, but I do still make my plethora of expensive lenses pay for themselves. So yes, I DO care about people stealing my photos for whatever purpose.

As you say, It is my choice -

@bjenkins33 that would be great would love to meet him and would be great to hear about the early stages with a Basenji pup. 🐶
I see you’re in West Norwood, I’m based in Camberwell!

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@scott-ry Oh wonderful! You're very close by then ☺ . He'll be getting his second round of vaccinations in mid-February and hopefully we'll be out of this lockdown sooner rather than later so we'll definitely plan some time for you to meet him. And I'm sure we'll have all kinds of stories for you by then... we've only had him for 4 days but feels like it's been so much longer already 😂 both due to the lack of sleep/total disruption of our usual routine and how sweet he is/central to our lives he already feels!

Let’s hope the lockdown ends sooner than later, I’m sure he is keeping you in your toes.

Gorgeous dog!!! Here in leeds I can't seem to get any information on these dogs, I really want a basenji it's my ideal dog.

@alay Google Northern Basenji Society. On the website you will find contact email addresses. Nothing available for this year now but you might find a breeder and get onto a waiting list for 2022

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