Hello from the UK!

I have just stumbled across your forum - always searching the internet on info about Basenjis. I have one Basenji, Patrick, who is now 18 months old. He is a tri, utterly gorgeous and adorable but an absolute rascal too - sound familiar?? I have been training him but often get frustrated with his stubborness. We live near to a beautiful woods which he loves to run in but as you can imagine - being a Basenji - only returns to me when he is good and ready - so many exciting scents to explore and all so much more interesting than 'mummy' (trust me, I have tried having the tastiest treats/noisiest toy etc to interest him in coming back) . We also have 3 'human' children who adore him and love to play - although this also has to be closely supervised as it can all get rather out of hand if we aren't careful….. I would love to hear from any other UK Basenji owners on the Forum!

Hello and welcome:D He sounds like a typical Basenji to me:D


Welcome to the forum. Patrick sounds like a delightfully normal B. You have to, if you do not mind of course, post a pic so we can see how gorgeous he is.

Hello and welcome. Yes, it all sounds very familiar!:D

Hello and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have a typical Basenji there - from another Tri owner…

Welcome to the Forum. Yes, Patrick definitely sounds like a Basenji (I have two 18 month old girls so I can empathise).

Well we are not from the UK but welcome anyway. We have a 6 month old today Jaycee.

Rita Jean

Hi welcome to the forum, it's great here. At the moment we don't have a Basenji, we lost him in Feb but are hoping to add one to our family soon.
Patrick sounds typical, post a pic if you can.

Hello and welcome to the forum. The Bs in the UK and US sound pretty similar:D We have a 3 year old called Leo. They do mellow some but hang on to their true nature.

Hello and Welcome…..

Welcome!! I am a newbie here on this forum as well. I have had a Basenji in my life for 17 years now and just found this place. Would have been great when I got my first B "because he was the cutest". Back then, no computer, few books at library, and no humans who knew anything about the breed. Learning by experience was all I had. And what an experience it has been! Love it!!

Welcome to the forums. I'd love to hear how you decided on a Basenji and how your Patrick picked you:).

Welcome to the forum. The behaviour is typically it can range from slight disobedience at certain times to out and out deliberate defiance. I have not experience the latter since the 70?s so fingers crossed, things are getting better.


Hi, good to hear back from so many of you! In answer to snorky998, we had 3 Basenjis when I was growing up - and inexplicably wanted one of my very own! I'm not sure Pat had much of a say in 'choosing' us - he was chosen for us, but that was fine as all the puppies looked so gorgeous I don't think I could singled one out! I will try and post some pictures - not very 'literate' on digital cameras and computers…

Welcome to the forum from Italy too!!!:p
I love the Uk as i was born in Sheffield where my parents emigrated from Italy in the late 50's…..so...im a yorkshire lass!!!! 😃

Gosh more UK people. Welcome. Soone we'll have outnumbered the Americans!! LOL! 🙂

welcome 🙂

Hi and welcome to the forum also from the UK

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