• Hi,

    Hello all you Basenji lovers!

    Me and my family introduced a new member to our house just over 3 years ago, in the shape and form of a Cockapoo (Rio) who is a true blessing in disguise.

    Anyway. I'm considering introducing a 2nd in the shape and form of a Basenji (always my first choice but compromised with the family as it was our first experience).

    My question is... Would a Basenji (puppy) take to Rio or do you think there will be adjustment issue?

    Do you think the Basenji will learn from Rio or the other way around, as it seems the Basenji is very strong minded?

    We raw feed, which will be kept up should we introduce a 2nd bundle of joy...

    Having spoke to a very good potential breeder for the first time this week and albeit, her bitch does not come into season until the fall, we are starting the process now which gives us plenty of time to seek all the best advise and knowledge as possible. We have received pics of Mom & Dad and we are set to meet up sometime in the summer.

    I work from home so will be around 90% of the time.

    Anyway, I should be grateful for any advise!

    If I do not reply straight away it's because I'm fast asleep as it is 10pm here in the real world 🙂

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. Although you never know for certain, I expect a Basenji pup would bond well with your existing dog. If same sex, there is a possibility of difficulties when the pup becomes mature, but again it can be hard to predict. A pup will learn from an older dog, although as it matures it will likely favour the normal breed characteristics, i.e. independent and strong willed. Basenjis are a real joy but aren't everyone's "cup of tea". Think cat in a dog's body and you get a sense of how they relate to people.

    I'm sure others on this forum will have lots to say on the matter.

  • Thanks eeeefarm.
    I'll be around to keep a mindful eye on the situation, so its not like the two dogs will just be left alone to figure it out themselves. All the characteristics of the Basenji is / was what I was looking for, but compromised with the family as it was our first dog introduction.

    I will meet with the breeder in the summer, so we will learn more from that initial experience. Thanks again!

  • Welcome to the board. I hope that you check around and maybe find other basenji owners near you that you can go meet, be around and get a feel for. Obviously I wouldn't be here if I didn't love the breed, but we are all crazy. 🙂 They are not the easiest dog to own and it helps if you get as much exposure as possible before getting one.

    I assumed that, because I was about 45, had owned dogs, bred rottweilers, been doing rescue for over 20 years, that I wouldn't have much to learn when we got our first basenji. The breeder told me that the pick, which I was supposed to get for my daughter to show, was far too much-- that she needed to be responsible and keep her there. I laughed, told her did she not remember I had Rottweilers, chow rescues, did rehab for aggression? I said something like, "how hard could a 25 pound dog be?" So she sent her. I suspect the breeder goes to bed laughing every night. I have never loved a dog as much in my life. But man, what a wake up! All my life, I'd never had a dog that, as a puppy when biting, responded to an ouch with "KEWL! I can make it make noise... let's do it again!"

    Same sex aggression is fairly common, opposite sex aggression is far from uncommon. You need a breeder who knows their line, has a good handle on their dogs behaviors.

    Wonderful article by Vickie Perrine. Obviously not all dogs fit ... my first and 3rd basenjis were not destructive after puppyhood. My second climbed a book case to get my shoes. None of mine have climbed the chain link fence, but I was ready to install inward leaning tops and electric wire if they did. Knowing what to expect will help.

    One of my favorite pages of quotes about basenjis (and yes the chow/rottie owner quote is about me)


    "Are basenjis intelligent? Yes, but not in the way you might first think. If basenjis were high school students, they would not be the brainiacs who score high enough on their SATs to go to Harvard on a full scholarship. No, basenjis would be the hoodlums with the smarts to bypass security, break into the principal's office, steal a copy of the test, and sell it for cigarette money." ~ Robin Simmons<<

  • Thank you Debra,

    Gonna read these articles...

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