Anyone here knows a reputable breeder from Saskatchewan Or Alberta Canada?

Looking for a responsible breeder

@tuts - Their website says no puppies and no plans for 2021 or 2022

The closest breeder that I know is in Mission, BC.
Beaubri Basenjis

I’m in Calgary and we always get our dogs from Rita Webb near Seattle. I have to fly there to get them but it is worth it. She has puppies right now. You can check her out on Facebook. Good luck!

If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost you? Is it $3000 or more? do you pay customs for bringing a dog in? I dunno the process of that.

@sass7656 - I am pretty certain that Rita has a full reservation list for her pups, but it can't hurt to contact her.

Back in the day our first B of hers she was shipped. She was $1200 us plus around $350 CD to ship plus customs around $130. The last 2 I flew in to pick up. I paid $1400 us for our Tika puppy, $600 CD to fly there but no customs. They never asked. I just had to show a vaccination record. Good luck! I hope she has one available. She has lovely dogs!

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