Found my breeder!

Hey guys! Just wanted to follow up and tell you I found my breeder. All of y’all have been so helpful and the basenji club breeder liason was extremely helpful too. After emailing a good bit back and forth with Nancy at Flutesong, she is putting me on top of the list for a male Basenji and should have my little guy by Valentines Day! Thank you so much guys!

@drew0928 - good to hear Drew, I know Nancy well.

We've been looking for months for a male red and white basenji puppy with my wife.
I can't seem to find any.
You told me you had a liason to search uou among all the breeders?

I don't care from what state as long as they can ship it to Florida.
So any breeder throughout the country works.

@raulp - That would be going to and also the Basenji Club of America liason is Denise Vertrees Breeder Referral Chairperson ( Keep in mind however that some breeders will not ship, I for one will not. People need to personally come to our home to pick up a puppy, but if you have to fly, you can carry the pup in cabin in a sherpa bag.

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How wonderful!!!! Congratulations! You and your family are in for shenanigans, fun, laughter and love.

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