Southeast breeders

Hi. Weare looking for reputable breeders within our reach from central GA.
We are visiting Harmony Hounds this weekend but see mixed reviews here, mostly several years ago.
We want a pet, not to show or compete. Any suggestions are appreciated, within our driving range, a hound
Adult, less than two years is preferred. Thanks! Mark and Sandra

You can find breeders at, there is a link for listing of breeders by state. You might want to try and contact Robyn Dubbert, she is near Atlanta, GA. Email is or you can find her on facebook both under Robyn Dubbert or Sherwood Basenjis. I know she has some young adults available

Thanks! I attempted contact with Robyn via email and it was returned. The entries on Facebook seem to end July 21. A long post from her indicated her health problems and difficulty maintaining her active group of hounds, hence parting with them. I certainly hope she is well. She has quite the resume' with this breed.

We are cautiously visiting Harmony Hounds tomorrow. We have learned much from the site so are prepared for our visit. Our goal is a family pet, but want verification of a healthy hound. We are reaching out to other breeders via the list on the website.

Thanks again.

Try an IM on Facebook to Robyn Dubbert's page, she posts most ever day. Or send me your email address and I will IM her on her FB page

IMO I would run as fast as I can from the other place.... they do good and saying what you want to hear... And while they do some health testing, certainly not enough... and they do not raise their dogs in the home, they are outdoors, with a number of other breeds they are breeding, no way can they socialize them properly....

I've reached out to her, thanks for the heads up.

I haven't been to this forum in years but Pat let me know you were trying to contact me and I responded. 🙂

@YodelDogs welcome back!

I don't know Harmony Hounds, but both their web site for Basset Hounds and Basenjis send up major warning signs. I did both AKC and OFA searches, found nothing, zip, zero on Harmony Hounds in OFA, and one on AKC. Responsible breeders have their own dogs and kennel name. So.. here is an old thread on them. Nothing seems to have changed:

Robyn I know personally from her kindness when we got and were showing our first basenji, and years on the board.

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We were saddened and disappointed in our visit there. It was our first exposure to the Breed unfortunately. We are working with Robyn and a reputable breeder in South Georgia currently. We are hopeful for a match with a young adult Or teen. Thanks for your input.

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