• A friend who recently lost her Basenji to Fanconi e-mailed me that she was thinking about getting a brindle from Nocturnal Kennels in No Carolina and asked me if I knew anything about them. I checked the BCOA roster to see if they were in it, they weren't, so I googled the name. Found out they sell Scotties, Westies, Welsh Terriers, Dachshunds and Basenjis. When I went to the link about Basenjis, I discovered they have 'blue brindles' and 'blue tris.' Needless to say, I firmly discouraged my friend from dealing with them. I must say, the blues look cute, but all B puppies are cute…


  • Last year they bred Carrier to Carrier and had Affected puppies. Their puppies are also NOT AKC registered.

  • http://www.breeders.net/detail.php?id=213060
    on another website it said they had four! litter ready for Feb 2010.

    There are some issues with blue dogs. I know a few blue dogs (one dasch, one dobe) that are mostly bald. Here's some more info on blue dog alopecia:



    There's no way to tell when you get a puppy if that puppy is going to be bald when it grows up or not, but it is rather a bother to deal with as the dogs sunburn, and have some mild and/or cosmetic skin problems.

    Of course all that is secondary to Fanconi.

  • There is no documented cases of blue or cream Basenjis having alopecia. That said, while these people do DNA test for Fanconi now they do no other health testing and the exact lineage of their dogs cannot be traced. These people are not bad people per se but they are not very knowledgable about the breed. They do breed multiple breeds solely for profit.

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