Two blue eyes female Basenji

@annejanine - Thanks that shows the blue eyes... could not really see them in the other picture.

notice she still has her duclaws, in my experience, most all breeders (reputable) remove these at a very early age ... either way she is GEORGOUS and I know will bring you more joy (and require more patience sometimes!) than you ever knew was possible! Congrats and I wish you and your family all the best in your adventures to come (of which you can bet there will be many!)!!

@hizbaby Actually no. More and more breeders leave them on these days. I am not sure that I agree. Having tended a couple of torn dew-claws in the past, I find it a bit scary.

We always removed them on about Day 5 if not earlier. That way there is no bleeding.

But my two both have their dew-claws and they seem to have become accepted.

Dewclaws: I thought "responsible" breeders removed them, and mutts or backyard breeders ignored them (and saved the money the vet would have charged).

@hizbaby - Hello, this is not true any longer. While many breeders still remove dewclaws there are many responsible breeders have opted to not due so. While removing dewclaws was considered the norm 5 years ago (or more) this is not as it was in years past a way to separate responsible breeders from ones that are not.

@zande - Correct Zande and in many countries it is not legal to remove them. I have my pups dewclaws removed at day 2 but I don't go to a vet. I have another breeder that has always done her own (she is a Vet Tech) and she comes to the house to do them. Much less stress on Mom's and pups and safer then taking a 2 or 3 day litter to the vets office. If I didn't have someone that comes to the house, I would leave them on. My personal opinion is to remove them especially for lure coursing, seen too many injuries with them on... also one more nail to trim and if you DO not trim the dewclaw they can and do grow around and back into the leg.

@tanza I never take my pups to the vet - he comes to the house ! Dewclaws were done right by the whelping box, Mom having been escorted to the garden for a brief spell. No stress at al for the pups, and I think I mis-typed - should be Day 3.

Yes, ears, tails and dew claws remain as nature intended in many countries, by law. We have never trimmed ears here and now tail-docked is illegal.

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@annejanine You are SO Cool! Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming back with the results! What a treat. She's awesome. And, as far as I'm concerned... close enough... she's a Basenji. ๐Ÿ‘Š ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘

@zande Thank you for the explanation I have been reading for.

We had a B while I was growing up (who reached the age of almost 20 born in 1977) which was as close to cream (diluted copper) as we could tell & hazel eyes. I wondered why catching sight of that particular shade was rare since, though there certainly were many when I was young.

If I can ask, are noticeably not-short manes/collars also uncommon? As our B's mane spiked in various ways depending on his mood, it was so helpful in determining what had caused a feet-locking moment mid-walk.

@maddyrien Not sure that I understand the question. Hackles can go up, they can get a lovely counter-ridge along the back, if annoyed, angry or just apprehensive. In winter some grow quite a thick mane and a positive winter coat but then they shed (!) and the first place it usually starts to 'go' is on the top of the head, between the ears.

Thereafter daily grooming becomes essential - for the sake of the furniture -

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