• I just ❀ Thanksgiving. For me it is spending all day with a carefully synchronized dance through baking a Turkey, casseroles, some sweet potatoes, rolls, and pulling together a few other items until my buffet cannot possibly hold anything else. I love it! Mostly I think I absolutely treasure not having to think about what to cook for dinner... for almost a week after!

    The popular family tradition of going around the table and coming up with one or two things to be grateful for taught me to carry that through the rest of the year. And I often remind myself how grateful I am for the little things that go unnoticed. Like squeezing under the yellow light (whew!) before it turns red. Getting a good parking space. My son. And, my Basenji. Whose walk (today) is scheduled somewhere between flipping the bird over and pulling the bird out of the oven.

    If you are one of our many members outside of the U.S., please join us for a moment and think of something you are grateful for. And for those of you in the U.S.... pace yourself... (snicker) ...leave some leftovers. πŸ˜‰ Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • I’m thankful that, despite Covid, I was able to spend a month with my folks, help them make their home more comfortable and easier to live in, and help dad get a handle on his meds. That brought much peace of mind. Thankful to Karen for referring me to Stella, and to Stella for Logan. I’m thankful to Logan for helping to heal my heart. And, I’m thankful to Jengo for being my Jenga Jeng. Happy thanksgiving. 🍁 πŸ¦ƒ

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone from Simba and myself.

  • I was able to spend the special day with my local family since I live in their home. It was a really special day...:Prince's first Thanksgiving. Dave even got him a special Turkey topper for dinner. So thankful for family and friends. My little guy is so special to me, I am thankful every day for him and I tell him so. Then I get that look from him.."I love you too, Momma".

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