• Mine also, while they sleep in their crates in our bedroom, when they believe it is bedtime, off they go... they know that we will be there soon....

  • @eeeefarm - or a covered crate.. to keep the chill out

  • Just to pile on -- just punning. Dogs are very social and pups grow up in puppy piles. They want to be near you.

    We learned this the hard way with our second Basenji. The first night we went to the bedroom and left him in what we thought was a very comfortable situation. He didn't think so and made us very aware of how he felt about all this.

    The second night we put him in a crate in the bedroom and he slept through the night.

    The next morning we looked at each other and said: "How dumb were we?"

  • Our 6 month old starts off in her dog bed next to ours and climbs into our bed about 2 or 3am. We sleep in a low bed so it's a bit too easy for her to get onto it!

  • In the bedroom, yes, of course, but why in a crate ? a dog-bed, nice and cosy-comfy, or better yet, in with you.

    Basenjis need people.

  • Prince 11 mos old is very good about his kennel. I use phrase "kennel up" and he goes willingly into it. He has been in kennel from first night home. It is next to my bed. I always give him a very special treat that he only gets at kennel time and lots of quality praise from Mom every time. He will go in, circle a couple of times, and usually lay down. Sometimes I give him a "shower" of training treats if I had to kennel him from really exciting play time---trickle 10 or so slowly through the top of the kennel onto the floor and talk in a fun voice, He also likes this. It works for us. He has started peeing in his kennel at times now, and I don't know why.

  • @daureen - make sure that he doesn't have a UTI, always check for medical reasons first before thinking behavior issue

  • Thank you, tanza. The vet did that...had to keep him after hours to get that special sample.

  • @daureen said in Kennel Training:

    He has started peeing in his kennel at times now, and I don't know why.

    Could it be that he is cold sometimes with the change in the weather at this time of year? Just a thought. And since he is next to your bed, you might notice him being restless before he relieves himself. My Basenjis have mostly slept with me, and if they had to "go" at night they would wake me.

  • @kembe

    That did the trick. Thanks.

  • Not only did it do the trick but he seems much happier (mine smiles, don't know about yours) and some of you mentioned that they know when bedtime is and Zaki started doing the same thing, he would look at me and sometimes even pull on my pant leg and then he would give me that "Look" and I would say "let's go to bed" and he would run up the stairs and go right in and lie down. I only wish I had asked about this with you guys much earlier.

  • Yay!!! 👊😊👍

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